This is What Happened in Texas When College Students Bid on Where Atheists Should Attend Church

Where should atheists attend church? That’s what one college atheist group wanted to know, so they put out several jars listing various religious denominations (along with a representative church) and asked for donations. The jar with the most money would dictate which church they attended.


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The Secular Student Alliance’s Executive Director Will Be Stepping Down After an Incredible Run

August Brunsman, one of the founders of the Secular Student Alliance, announced that he will be stepping down from his role as Executive Director to pursue new interests.

I can say with certainty I wouldn’t be doing any of the atheism-related things I do now if he hadn’t encouraged me from the┬ávery beginning. And there’s no shortage of atheist activists in their 20s and 30s who owe a huge debt of gratitude to him for the exact same reasons.


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Atheist Students Urge Leaders of Both Parties to Adopt Godless Platforms at Their Conventions

Over the weekend, during the Secular Student Alliance’s conference in Columbus, Ohio, attendees sent more than 200 letters to the leaders of both political parties’ platform committees urging them to adopt secular language at their conventions.


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Don’t Worry, Atheists; You’re Probably Fine

Seen in Bellingham, Washington:


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Conservatives Are Flipping Out Over a College Skeptic Group’s Abortion Rights Display

Last week the University of North Georgia Skeptics Society held an event designed to get people talking about reproductive rights. They made fetus-shaped cookies, handed out pizza, and put out signs that encouraged students to write down why abortion should stay legal. The event itself was pretty routine. There weren’t many complaints (other than from students who generally oppose abortion itself).

But the other day, after conservative blogger Matt Walsh posted this image from the event on Facebook, it quickly began circulating around the anti-abortion blogosphere:


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