A Beautiful Counterprotest

(via @SecularStudents and the University of Texas at Austin’s Texas Secular Humanists group)

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Ask An Atheist Panel at Elmhurst College

The Secular Student Alliance of Elmhurst College (in Illinois) is hosting an open-to-the-public Ask An Atheist panel this Thursday evening at 5:00p and I’ll be joining them to answer questions. If you can make it, all the info is right here!

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Skepticon 6 is Almost Here!

The free, massive, amazing Skepticon conference in Springfield, Missouri takes place this weekend and there are already upwards of 1,000 registrants!

They’re about to hit their fundraising goal, but if you have the means of donating anything, it’ll just go toward next year’s event. This is one of the few major conferences aimed at those who don’t have the money required to attend the other ones and it’s entirely run by students. Support them any way you can! (***Update***: Skepticon is fully funded for this year, but there’s still next year!)

(On a personal note, while I was scheduled to speak Sunday morning, a personal emergency has come up and I won’t be able to attend. If they invite me back, though, I’ll be there next year!)

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Campus Atheist Group’s Display Vandalized… Twice

Last week, the Penn Secular Society put up an awesome display on the main part of campus. It was a “partial list” of all the gods people don’t believe in with a handwritten sign on the far right (it’s hard to see below) reading, “So what’s one more?”

Within a couple of days, one of the pages had been ripped down and coffee had been thrown on the middle of the display:

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College Atheist Group’s ‘Smut for Smut’ Campaign, Where Bibles Could be Traded in for Porn, Is No More

For years now, I’ve commented on one of the big events held by the Atheist Agenda campus group at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Every year since 2005, members of the group would set up a table on a well-traveled part of campus and offer pornography in exchange for holy books. They called it “Smut for Smut”:

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