Dee Gordon’s Dramatic Home Run, In Honor of His Late Teammate, Shouldn’t Make You Believe in God

Following the tragic death of 24-year-old pitcher José Fernández over the weekend, the Miami Marlins did everything they could to honor their teammate. But on Tuesday, their first game after the accident, nothing was more dramatic than the lead-off home run by Dee Gordon.

Gordon later said people should start believing in God after that hit, a statement that was both inspirational and illogical.


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AZ Boys Soccer Team Forfeits Game Because Girls Play on the Other Team and That Makes Jesus Cry

A Christian school’s boys soccer team forfeited a game on Friday because their opponents included two girls.


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Florida Principal Tells Students They Will Be Punished for Protesting the National Anthem

Principal Ryan Nemeth of Lely High School in Naples, Florida has a message for students who don’t stand for the National Anthem: Obey or be punished.


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Football Announcer at Center of Anthem Controversy Also Led Illegal Pregame Prayers

Pastor Allen Joyner got into a heap of trouble after he was quoted as calling for the murder of those who didn’t stand for the National Anthem. Joyner denies doing that and says his words were misinterpreted.

However, during an interview yesterday, he inadvertently revealed that the District was breaking the law in another way.


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Football Announcer Who Allegedly Said Anthem Protesters Should Be Shot Tells His Side of the Story

The pastor who was quoted as saying National Anthem protesters should be shot — a statement he claims was wildly twisted and not at all what he said — appeared on WAAO TV yesterday to tell his side of the story.


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