Australian Tennis Star Blasted After Stating Bible-Based Opposition to Marriage Equality

Margaret Court, the former Australian tennis star, needs to understand that there are consequences to her faith-based bigotry.


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Muslim Women Can Now Wear a Hijab When Playing Basketball, Says Governing Body

The move raises an interesting question: In these regions (and religions) that are antagonistic toward women’s rights, does the hijab represent or perpetuate that oppression?


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Watch Arian Foster and Bill Nye Discuss Physics, Atheism, and Einstein

There are people who love science and people who love sports, and all of them are going to enjoy this conversation between Bill Nye and former NFL star (and out atheist) Arian Foster:


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Religion Is Never an Excuse for Violence (Even in the NFL)

Dan Rooney, the chairman of the Pittsburgh Steelers, died yesterday. A lot of the obituaries you’ll see speak of him very highly, and that’s not just because he’s gone now. At the same time, it’d be unfair to gloss over one of the more disturbing things he ever said.


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ND Legislators Want to Legalize Student-Initiated Prayers… Even Though They’re Already Legal

Leave it to conservative legislators to put a bandage over a wound that doesn’t exist.


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