Ministry Leader Says “Atheist Gestapo” is Ending Christianity in Sports

Think about how atheist groups respond to Christian proselytizing on high school and college sports teams. In general, we send letters warning teams why this is a problem at secular schools and remind them they must keep everything religiously neutral.

That’s it. We don’t say “you must promote atheism.” We don’t say you can’t proselytize off the field. But when coaches are on the clock, they shouldn’t be preaching or using the opportunity to promote their faith.

According to Steve McConkey, the President of the Christian sports ministry 4 WINDS, that makes us the “Atheist Gestapo.”

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If God Helps Both Teams in a Football Game, Who Does He Love More?

Finally, football analysis that judges players based on the religiosity of their post-touchdown celebrations!

But that commentary takes a detour when one analyst points out that God seems to be favoring both teams in the game…

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Members of Congress Are Defending the Praying Football Coach, but Here’s a Terrific Response

This week, dozens of politicians finally got around to doing something! Unfortunately, it involved right-wing Republicans making another symbolic gesture.

Members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus sent a letter to administrators in the Bremerton School District in support of I-Have-To-Pray-on-the-Football-Field Coach Joe Kennedy:

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Arizona State Honored an Atheist Soldier During Last Night’s Game Against Oregon

If you saw the amazing triple overtime football game yesterday between Arizona State and Oregon, you may have noticed the ASU players wearing throwback uniforms with the number 42 in honor of Pat Tillman, an ASU grad and NFL star who gave it all up to serve in the military. Tillman died by “friendly fire” in 2004 during the War in Afghanistan.

What a lot of the media coverage won’t mention is that Tillman was an atheist — one of the most famous “atheists in a foxhole.”

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High School Football Coach Who Can’t Stop Praying Has Been Put on Paid Leave

Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy, the guy who continues to pray on the field despite several warnings that he’s violating the law, has now been put on paid leave by his school district.

This comes after he violated a promise not to pray on field last week and before he did it again at the team’s big playoff game later tonight.

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