WWE Superstar Seth Rollins: I’m “100% Atheist” and a “Disbeliever All the Way”

I know nothing about professional wrestling, but I’m told that this is big news: WWE superstar Seth Rollins says he’s an atheist:


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Fellowship of Christian Athletes Video Celebrates Adults Who Try Converting Kids in Public Schools

In a promotional video just released by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the organization makes very clear that its mission is to spread Christianity in public schools, even though proselytizing while on the clock is illegal.


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Two Rival NBA Stars Put Competing Hexes on the Ball Before a Free Throw and It Was Hilarious

On Wednesday night, in the fourth quarter of a close game, an NBA player tried whispering a curse at the ball when his opponents had it, telling it not to go into the hoop… only to have his opponent whisper a counter-curse right back.


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Rwandan Soccer League Bans Witchcraft… For Some Reason

Rwanda’s long national nightmare is finally over: Witchcraft has been banned from soccer matches.


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Louisiana Football Team Criticized After Posting Video of Baptism

Last month, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s football team posted an unusual video on their official Facebook page. It showed team members and coaches, in their uniforms, singing “Amazing Grace” while player Otha Peters got baptized.


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