After Letter from FFRF, Florida School District Permanently Bans Christian Chaplain from Campuses

A couple of days ago, I posted about one of the most egregious violations of church/state separation you’ll ever see in a public school district.

It involved the Hillsborough County Public Schools in Florida. That’s where David Gaskill, a Christian chaplain and representative from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes — and, more importantly, someone who wasn’t employed by the District and never underwent a background check — was basically given free rein to roam around schools as he pleased. He went to sports practices, he walked around the parking lots looking for kids to convert, he spent time in the dugout during baseball games, etc. He’d been doing this for a while and no administrator ever thought to stop him.


The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the school this week documenting dozens of things Gaskill did wrong, any one of which could be a problem. Taken together, it was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

The letter seems to have done the trick.

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Curt Schilling Finally Fired from ESPN After Posting Anti-Trans Meme

Curt Schilling, the former baseball pitcher and ESPN broadcaster best known to readers of this site for promoting Creationism, comparing 5-10% of Muslims to Nazis, and (just this week) posting the offensive meme below on Facebook, has finally been fired by ESPN.


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Why is a Florida School District Giving a Christian with a Criminal Past Ample Access to Kids?

For all the talk about public high school coaches who think it’s their job to convert players to Christianity, we sometimes forget that some teams even have their own chaplains. They may be unofficial, but that doesn’t matter. It’s all illegal.

That’s why what’s happening at in the Hillsborough County Public Schools (Florida) is so disturbing. Not only is there a chaplain who goes around preaching to anyone and everyone, the story just gets worse the more you learn about it.


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The University of South Carolina Football Team Has Finally Cut Ties With the Team Chaplain

Last fall, the Freedom From Religion Foundation issued a damning report claiming that “Christian coaches and chaplains are converting football fields into mission fields.”

They were highlighting the fact that a lot of public university athletic coaches don’t even hide the fact that they want to convert their players. They’ll bring chaplains on board, perform baptisms right on the field, or lead the team in prayers before a game. It’s not legal, but it happens everywhere.

Maybe that pressure’s finally working, because the University of South Carolina just got rid of its team chaplain:


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The Duck Dynasty NASCAR Invocation Confirmed Every Stereotype Outsiders Have About the Sport

Last weekend, Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson gave the opening prayer before NASCAR’s Duck Commander 500 race in Texas.

His invocation included a wish that a Christian man make his way into the White House:


In addition to all the problems in that invocation, motorsports enthusiast Dave Moody found something else profoundly disturbing about it.

It confirmed every stereotype outsiders have of NASCAR culture.

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