Christian Who Said Cleveland Would Win the World Series Now Says Their Loss Was Part of God’s Plan

A few days ago, Religious Right activist Lance Wallnau told his Facebook fans that the Cleveland Indians were going to beat the Chicago Cubs in the World Series because — wait for it — protesters forced Donald Trump to cancel a rally in Chicago earlier this year while the Republican National Convention was held in Cleveland. See? God was sending a message.

But after the Cubs won Game 7, Wallnau was saying something very different…


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Goodbye and Good Riddance to All Those Chicago Cubs “Curses”

Last night, after what was arguably the greatest and most stressful baseball game in history, the Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series. I’m thrilled as a life-long fan and as someone who hates the superstition baked into the franchise.

One of the byproducts of this championship is that it shatters every myth about every curse that has ever been attributed to the team.


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Atheists File Amicus Brief Against FL Christian School Wanting Loudspeaker Prayers at Football Game

A Christian high school in Florida recently filed a lawsuit against the state after the football team was forbidden from using the state championship stadium loudspeaker to broadcast pregame prayers. Now, atheists have join the fray, telling the court that the lawsuit ought to be dismissed immediately.


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Atheist NFL Star Arian Foster Announces Retirement Midway Through Eighth Season

Arian Foster, the Miami Dolphins running back who is arguably the highest profile atheist in all of professional sports, has announced his retirement from the NFL midway through his eighth season. It’s not entirely a surprise given how he’d been sidelined due to injuries for the past few years.

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Outrage Ensues After Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Posts Photo Standing Next to Buddha Statue

On Thursday, soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo posted a picture of himself next to a statue of Buddha on Facebook and Instagram, where he has hundreds of millions of followers.

But because the Real Madrid star’s foot was on the base of the statue, it created an international uproar, as this was seen as a sign of disrespect to Buddhists everywhere.


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