Text Messages Reveal Religion’s Role in Why a High School Principal Hired a Certain Football Coach

In 2014, the head coach of the Mooresville High School football team in North Carolina, Hal Capps, was told he could no longer lead his players in prayer. It was illegal, and he faced a lawsuit from the Freedom From Religion Foundation if he kept it up. He promised to stop and some of the players vowed to keep the prayers going (as they had the right to do).


If you were going to hire Capps to be your school’s new football coach, then, surely the interview would involved asking him about his mistake. Could he respect church/state separation?

That’s not what Seneca High School (South Carolina) Principal Cliff Roberts asked. Instead, Roberts hired Capps earlier this year via a text message conversation that appeared to center around their mutual love of Christ.

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The NFL May Withhold Super Bowl from Atlanta Unless Governor Vetoes “Religious Liberty” Bill

Given all the bad press the NFL (deservedly) receives, you have to applaud league officials for how they’re responding to Georgia’s House Bill 757, a.k.a. the “Religious Liberty” bill.

The bill, which among others things would allow religious business owners to discriminate against LGBT customers, has already passed the House and Senate. It’s just waiting for a signature from Governor Nathan Deal.

A lot of CEOs whose companies are based in Georgia are urging him not to sign it and turn his state into the next Indiana. They say it’ll hurt their recruiting efforts and impact their investment in the state.

But none of those threats is as large or as visible as the NFL saying it might take Atlanta off the list for possible Super Bowl locations. That would be a damning prospect for a city that’s about to get a new stadium next year:


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Catholic School Basketball Team Fans Yelled “You Killed Jesus” at Opponents They Thought Were Jewish

Friday night’s basketball game in Massachusetts between Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury and Newton North High School went to the Catholic hosts (ha, hosts — see what I inadvertently did there?). But despite winning the match 77-73, the Catholic team can be said to have lost, too.

That’s because the home team fans jeered “You killed Jesus” at the visiting students. Newton North High School has many pupils who are Jewish.


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A High School Basketball Coach Says Florida Officials Didn’t Do Enough to Accommodate His Religion

It should have been an exciting moment when the girls’ basketball team at Florida’s Northeast High School made it to the state championship game a couple of weeks ago.

Instead, it became the subject of controversy because the team’s Seventh Day Adventist coach, Zach Gillion, chose to sit out the final game because it was held on a Saturday — a day of rest for his faith.

The girls ended up losing the game.


I don’t have any sympathy for this coach, and I’ll explain why in a moment, but look at how he’s trying to spin the situation:

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Former Major League Baseball Pitcher Dan Haren Opens Up About His Agnosticism

Dan Haren is a baseball pitcher who just retired after more than a decade in the major leagues. In an interview with journalist Jonah Keri, he spent some time talking about his journey away from religion and what it was like being a self-described Agnostic in the clubhouse.


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