Christian School With Openly Gay Student Athletes Issues Vague Statement Condemning Homosexuality

Drew Davis and Juan Varona are two openly gay volleyball players at Erskine University, a private Christian school in South Carolina. Their sexual orientation hasn’t been a secret — it has even been publicized — but the players have often said they felt accepted within the school community.

That’s why last week’s statement against homosexuality by the school took people by surprise:

We believe the Bible teaches that all sexual activity outside the covenant of marriage is sinful and therefore ultimately destructive to the parties involved. As a Christian academic community, and in light of our institutional mission, members of the Erskine community are expected to follow the teachings of scripture concerning matters of human sexuality and institutional decisions will be made in light of this position.

What is that supposed to mean? The monogamy part makes sense, but what does that line mean about how members of the school community are “expected to follow the teachings of scripture concerning matters of human sexuality”? Will openly gay students be expelled? No, say school officials, but they didn’t really elaborate on how they would handle that situation.

I’l admit I laughed at this passive aggressive pushback on the school’s Wikipedia page:

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Apparently, Cubs Tickets Cure Homosexuality

Remember David and Jason Benham? They’re the twin brothers who were all set to host a reality show on HGTV before their anti-gay bigotry became public and the show got canceled.

They’re still trying to capitalize on their notoriety. Yesterday, at a convention for National Religious Broadcasters, David Benham told the story of a gay man who contacted him from Chicago:

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Christian Athletes Perform Acrobatic Dunk Show for Public School Students, but Did They Also “Share the Gospel” with Them?

For some reason, Forest Elementary School (in Bedford County, Virginia) invited a group of college athletes to put on a basketball dunking show for the students.

The group was from Liberty University.

How do you think that played out?

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Saudi Arabia Just Proposed an Olympic Games For Men… and a Separate One For Women

Last October, after a Saudi woman had been spotted in the stands of a soccer stadium (to great consternation and ire in the Gulf kingdom), I wrote:

Luckily, Saudi bureaucrats are reportedly fighting for the right of women to be spectators at sporting events… cleverly employing segregation and gender apartheid. Local newspaper reports in Saudi Arabia suggest the government is considering building separate sections in stadia for female spectators.

Now there’s evidence that the country is making headway in keeping the ladies well separated from the men. Separated as in, across the border.


Saudi Arabia has proposed holding a gender-segregated Olympic Games. In comments made by Prince Fahad bin Jalawi al-Saud — a consultant to the Saudi Olympic Committee — it was suggested the country could bid jointly with Bahrain, which could host the women’s events.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the Science of the Super Bowl

The biggest sporting event of the year, as seen by an astrophysicist:

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