Christian Quarterback Tim Tebow Didn’t Do Anything Heroic on a Delta Flight

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is being praised for what he did on a flight after a man fell unconscious. But I have no idea why.


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The St. Paul Saints Baseball Team Will Become the “Mr. Paul Aints” for an Atheist Charity Event

It’s my favorite charity event of the year. On July 16, for the fifth consecutive year, the Minnesota Atheists will join forces with a local minor league baseball team, turning the St. Paul Saints into the “Mr. Paul Aints.”

They even have billboards publicizing the big event:


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After Jailing a Dutch Rape Victim For Three Months, Qatar Sentences Her To a Fine and Expulsion

In late 2010, the international soccer federation FIFA announced that the 2022 soccer World Cup tournament would be hosted by Qatar (against all reason, and amid swirling corruption allegations). The only good I thought would come out of that was that the tiny Salafist-Islamic state would perhaps be forced to rethink or soften some of its worst religion-driven, sexist customs.


That doesn’t appear to be happening yet, if the case of an unnamed Dutch rape victim is any guide.

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Christian Minister Writes Poem About How Muhammad Ali is Burning in Hell for Not Accepting Jesus

Bert M. Farias, founder of Holy Fire Ministries, has a message for those mourning the death of boxer Muhammad Ali: If you don’t turn to Jesus, then you, too, will burn in Hell.


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Christian Group Gives “Rosa Parks” Award to Coach Who Pushed His Faith on Religious Minorities

Joe Kennedy is the former assistant football coach at Bremerton High School in Washington. He’s better known as the guy who continued to pray on the field despite several warnings that he was violating the law. In December, the District said they wouldn’t be renewing his contract.

Kennedy recently received the “Rosa Parks Courage Award” from a Christian organization that clearly has no clue who Rosa Parks was.

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