No, a High School Football Player Wasn’t Penalized for Praising Jesus After a Touchdown

We’ve seen this happen before: A football player makes a touchdown, gives a shout-out to God, gets penalized for “unsportsmanlike conduct,” and then whines about how it’s Christian Persecution.

It’s never really about persecution. Some refs don’t want to see a celebration of any kind following a touchdown, so the moment your hand goes up in the air or you make some sort of excited gesture, they throw the yellow flag.

That’s exactly what happened on Saturday during a game between two high school teams in New York. Mexico Central Academy quarterback Dante Turo ran nearly the length of the field to score a touchdown. As he got into the end zone, he pointed to the sky. The ref immediately called him out on it.

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Former NFL Stars Say Their Coach Used to Spread Christianity in the Locker Room

The Washington Redskins currently have a 2-4 record, nothing to be proud of, especially after an abysmal 4-10 season last year. Who’s responsible for that futility? You may want to blame Head Coach Jay Gruden who was at the helm both last season and this one (so far).

ESPN 980 radio hosts Steve Czaban and (former player) Chris Cooley recently invited another Redskin, Clinton Portis, to share his opinion of Gruden and the team in general. And since Portis and Cooley are no longer in the NFL, they were far more honest with their assessments than you’d expect.

The most interesting aspect of the conversation was not that both players defended Gruden, but that they spilled the beans on what life in the NFL was like under a previous coach, one who was more interested in spreading Christianity than putting together a successful football team.

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School District is Still “Negotiating” with Football Coach Who Can’t Stop Praying on the Field

On Friday night, Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy prayed on the field despite several warnings that he was violating the law by promoting Christianity while acting as a school representative.

If he weren’t Christian, he would’ve no doubt been fired a long time ago.

So has anything happened since Friday night?


The District is “negotiating” with his team of Christian lawyers, whatever the hell that means:

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Christian Legal Group Told Praying Football Coach They Wouldn’t Defend Him

Last night, Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy prayed on the field despite several warnings from people who knew better. So either he’s getting fired or the District’s getting sued.

District officials have already said they will act on the violation:

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Superintendent Reminds Football Coach That He Can’t Pray with Kids No Matter What a Christian Group Says

It’s hard to keep tabs on what Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy plans to do on Friday.

First, he was leading his team in prayer after games. Then he was called out on it and promised to stop. Yesterday, we learned that he was going to pray anyway, due to bad advice from Christian legal group Liberty Institute.

Since then, District Superintendent Dr. Aaron Leavell issued a public statement reminding all coaches that they cannot pray while working for the team:

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