Brazilian Soccer Star: God Forgave Me for Torturing My Girlfriend and Feeding Her Body to Dogs

This is the problem with the Christian notion of forgiveness. Everyone can have it if they just believe, regardless of the severity of their crimes.


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Atheist NFL Star Arian Foster Will Receive Cultural Humanism Award at Harvard This Spring

Arian Foster, the Miami Dolphins running back who was arguably the highest profile atheist in all of professional sports before his retirement from the NFL midway through this past season, will be receiving a special honor from a group of atheists at Harvard University.

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Christian School Fires Football Coach for Once Holding (But Not Drinking From) a Bottle of Alcohol

If administrators forgave him for his non-crime, people might mistake them for the Christians they pretend to be.


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Evangelist Franklin Graham is Furious That a Gay Couple Is In an Ad Featuring the NFL’s Kiss Cam

Two gay men are among the many people featured in a beautiful ad involving the NFL’s Kiss┬áCam, and evangelist Franklin Graham can’t handle it. Because his Jesus-inspired love knows all the bounds.


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Judge Recommends Dismissal of Lawsuit Involving Loudspeaker Prayer at High School Football Game

A Christian high school filed a lawsuit against the Florida High School Athletic Association after they were forbidden from using the loudspeaker to pray before the 2015 state championship game. A judge has recommended their lawsuit be thrown out since no one was persecuting them.


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