Well, What Did You Expect When a Soccer Star Named Jesus Said He’d Answer Questions on Twitter?

Manchester City, the English Premier League champions (a.k.a. a soccer team), decided to let fans ask questions of star player Jesus Navas. Navas later responded on video. Nice PR move. Fun for the fans. Lots of teams do something similar.

What made it even more entertaining was that the official hashtag for the Q&A was #AskJesus. (That had to be on purpose, right?)

As you can imagine, some fans had a little too much fun with that…

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Tony Dungy Says He Wouldn’t Have Drafted Gay NFL Player Michael Sam, and His Apology Doesn’t Help

It was an exciting moment when University of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams, potentially becoming the first openly gay person to play in the NFL. (Well, it was exciting for most of us.)

But in a recent interview with The Tampa Tribune‘s Ira Kaufman, former Indianapolis Colts coach (and Super Bowl winner) Tony Dungy said that he wouldn’t have drafted Sam on his team for reasons that have nothing to do with his abilities:

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About Those Churches That Prayed for LeBron James to Stay in Miami…

Now that LeBron James has announced his return to Cleveland with an enthusiastic “I’m not promising a championship,” I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the Miami-based churches that were praying for LeBron to stay in South Beach using the hashtag #BandsForBron:

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For the Third Straight Year, a Minor League Baseball Team Will Lose Its Faith for a Game

For a couple of years now, the Minnesota Atheists have been running a promotion in which they team up with a local minor league baseball team for a day. And they’re doing it again this year, too.

That may sound strange until you consider how the promotion works.

On July 11, the St. Paul Saints…

will become the Mr. Paul Aints:

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Superstition Marathon: The Soccer World Cup Has Kicked Off, So It’s Peak Season for Irrationality

It’s fútbol time! If you’re a soccer fan like me, the next four weeks are going to be exciting. We’ll witness astonishing ball skills, tactical genius, lots of grit and feats of stamina, and the occasional on-pitch thuggery (four years ago, the Dutch team played a series of shocking anything-goes World Cup games so brutal they would’ve made Attila the Hun blush).

But something else is going to be on clear display: superstition. Whether it’s players’ lucky underwear, their habit of kissing a cross-shaped pendant prior to kick-off, or, after scoring a goal, pointing to the sky in praise of the Creator, unabashedly irrational behavior will be rampant. (England’s Gary Lineker was famous for not shooting on goal during the pre-game warm-up, as he thought he’d be “wasting” perfectly good goal-scoring opportunities.)

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