Forget Tebowing; Try Thinkering

Dave Silverman models the pose: What’s the difference between Tebowing and Thinkering? Dave responds: The difference is we don’t bow our heads in blind submission, rather we consider and conclude for ourselves. I’m sure a website dedicated to Thinkering will be created in 5… 4… 3… [Read more...]

Why All the Focus on Tim Tebow?

The brilliant journalist Tom Junod tackles the question of why so many Americans are transfixed with quarterback and one-man-spokesperson-for-Christianity Tim Tebow and writes that, without the Christian storyline, Tebow would hardly be the athlete people are making him out to be: … [Tebow is] strong, so he can shot-put and corkscrew the ball all over [Read More...]

Are Holiday Sports Strengthening Secular Culture?

Frank Deford at Sports Illustrated has an article up about the role of sports in holiday celebrations. “[S]ports are pretty agnostic when it comes to religion,” he says, and he has a point. From Thanksgiving football to the five games the NBA has scheduled for Christmas Day this year (to begin their shortened season), sports [Read More...]

Church Wants You To Add a Zero to Your Contributions

Adidas recently tried to trademark the term “adiZero” for a new line of footwear/clothing… but the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office denied the request. Why? Because it’s dangerously close to a phrase the Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Zion, Illinois has already trademarked: “Add a zero.” As in: Add a zero to the amount you’re [Read More...]

This Explains the Broncos Game

(via Reddit) [Read more...]