Penn State’s Scandal Cannot Be Prayed Away

Charles P. Pierce‘s Grantland piece on the Penn State Child Raping Scandal may be the most powerful article yet about the crimes that took place — and why prayer, moments of silence, and playing football are the wrong solutions: It no longer matters if there continues to be a football program at Penn State. It [Read More...]

How the Pre-Game Prayer at Penn State Should Have Gone

If you were watching the Penn State vs Nebraska football game yesterday, you witnessed the scene before the kickoff: That was a pre-game prayer for both teams led by Ron Brown, an assistant coach at Nebraska. Lord, we know we don’t have control of all of the events that took place this week, but we [Read More...]

The Catholic Church Responds to Joe Paterno

For anyone who sees parallels between Penn State officials not reporting Jerry Sandusky to the authorities and the Catholic Church ignoring the pedophiles within its own ranks, Scott Stantis states the obvious: [Read more...]

Anti-Gay Bigot Worried That Jerry Sandusky’s Victims Will Now Turn Gay

Hate group leader Peter LaBarbera is *very* concerned about the victims of Jerry Sandusky in the wake of the Penn State scandal. Not that they got raped. That’s irrelevant to him. He’s just worried that they might have caught Teh Gay: … how many boy victims of homosexual predator Sandusky will end up believing that [Read More...]

A Trend as Annoying as the Player Himself…

“Tebowing”, named after Christian NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, occurs when you “get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.” In other words, it’s when you go into your bubble while everyone else lives in reality. Unfortunately, the trend is becoming more popular… … but [Read More...]