Georgia Lt. Governor Claims Victory Over “Radical” Atheists After Senate Passes Pro-Christian Bill

Last November, Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle threw atheists under the bus with a fundraising letter stamped with the line, “Don’t Let Atheists Ban Georgia’s Football Chaplains.” He was referring to Freedom From Religion Foundation’s campaign calling out public universities that have Christian chaplains (some of whom are paid) preaching to the football team. In other words, his letter was basically saying, “Let the state promote Christianity through public university football teams.”

The state Senate just passed SB 309, which allows athletes at public schools to put religious symbols on their uniforms. It’s a ridiculous bill which would inevitably result in Christian students turning a team sport into a game of one-upmanship over who publicly loves Jesus the most.

It’s no surprise, then, that Cagle loves it. He wrote this on his Facebook page a few days ago:


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Manny Pacquiao Posts, Then Deletes Bible Verse About Killing Gay People

The other day we issued a Christian Persecution alert for Manny Pacquiao, whose abhorrent comments about gay people lost him a Nike sponsorship.


Today it’s time to issue a Christian Tolerance alert, as he’s gone from comparing gay people to animals… to suggesting they should be killed.

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Bible-Thumping Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao Compares Gay People to Animals

Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao‘s wins inside the ring have turned him into an international star and a beloved representative of the Philippines. Since he’s gotten into politics, though, he’s been earning attention for a very different reason: Bible-thumping bigotry.


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Florida High School Employs Pastor to Lead Athletes in Prayer Before Games

It’s bad enough that public universities have Christian chaplains for their football teams, but a high school in Florida is copying the illegal practice.

At Vero Beach High School, Coach Lenny Jankowski has a chaplain on staff, Pastor Joe Moore, who leads prayers before games.

The Central Florida Fellowship of Christian Athletes even flaunted the partnership on Facebook:


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FFRF Reminds Illinois High Schools That Coaches May Not Pray with Students

The boys’ basketball team at Pana High School in Illinois apparently prays with coaches after every game. And we know this because they post images of it on Facebook:


The Freedom From Religion Foundation has now written to the Pana School District, along with a couple of other small Illinois schools, reminding them that the law forbids coaches to lead or participate in school-sponsored prayers:

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