The Bible Predicted the Seattle Seahawks Would Win the Super Bowl!

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, shows us that the Bible predicted the Seattle Seahawks would win the Super Bowl!:

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project — more videos will be posted soon — and we’d also appreciate your suggestions as to which questions we ought to tackle next!

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Americans Love That Displays of Religion Are All Over the Super Bowl — As Long As It’s the Right Religion

Today, on Stupor Bowl Superb Owl Super Bowl Sunday, we learned via Hemant and the Christian Post that there are more than a dozen Bible verses that predict a Denver Broncos win — and that there are just as many that give the nod to the Seattle Seahawks.

We’ve also observed, courtesy of the Public Religion Research Institute, that 50% of Americans think God will determine the winner of the Super Bowl, and that half of the people in that group pray to God to guide their team to victory. (Amazingly, the Almighty is able to give roughly half of them exactly what they asked for!)

Noting the same survey, CJ Werleman at Alternet raises a good point. Believers have put their pro-prayer fingerprints all over the Super Bowl, CJ says.

Without a doubt. It’s hardly surprising; remember the generally positive response Tim Tebow got in his college days when he put Bible verses on his eye black?

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North Carolina High School Football Coach Has To Be Told to Stop Baptizing Players

Here’s a question for you: Why would a high school football team’s Twitter feed include a picture of a mass baptism… followed by someone thanking the team’s coach for his faith and leadership?

And why would that same coach lead his team in a rally that ends with, “Let’s thank the big guy in the sky”?

Answer: Because Coach Hal Capps of Mooresville High School in North Carolina doesn’t seem to know the difference between church and the workplace.

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The Bible Tells Us Who’s Going to Win the Super Bowl

I don’t think the Christian Post understands the unintentional humor in a couple of articles they posted yesterday…

In anticipation of the Super Bowl, they wanted to provide football fans with Bible verses that directly or indirectly support their favorite team. (Some of the verses are offered tongue-in-cheek, but that’s not really the issue here.)

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Who Knew You Could Have Too Much Religion at Texas High School Football Games?

The Lubbock Independent School District in Texas is home to Lowrey Field, where the four high schools in the area play their home football games. The 8,500-seat stadium also houses a digital billboard where companies like Whataburger, Fuddruckers, and United Supermarkets pay for ads to run during the big games.

So, naturally, the man behind wanted to place an ad there, too:

(The website has nothing to do with tattoos, by the way. It’s just one guy’s failed idea of a “hip” way to convert teens to Christianity.)

Believe it or not — and to their credit — the district said no. It was religious, they said, and they didn’t want to violate the Constitution.

So, naturally, the man behind has filed a lawsuit claiming his rights are being violated.

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