If Christ Says It, Tebow Will Listen, Right?

(via The Onion) [Read more...]

God, I Hate Christianese…

The worst part about following Christian bloggers? Even when they talk about something moving and relevant, they often make me want to gag. Case in point: Pastor Pete Wilson talking about Dennis Rodman’s really touching speech as he entered the basketball Hall of Fame. Wilson writes: I’ll be honest. I’ve never been a Dennis Rodman [Read More...]

Don’t Deny It; This is Adorable

It has nothing to do with religion, but this is awesome. You can now let out a collective “Awwwwwwwwwwww!” (Or complain, if you’re the cynical/grumpy sort.) (via The J-Walk Blog) [Read more...]

A Prayer You Might Enjoy Hearing…

I’ve never watched (or cared to watch) a NASCAR race in my life, and I couldn’t care less about a pre-race prayer… but somehow, when Pastor Joe Nelms said the invocation before the Nationwide Federated Auto Parts 300, I couldn’t help but smile: Heavenly Father, we thank you tonight for all your blessings. You said [Read More...]

NBC Apologizes Again for Omitting ‘Under God’ from Pledge of Allegiance

A few weeks ago, during the U.S. Open (golf) championship, NBC aired an introduction in which a slightly edited Pledge of Allegiance was said… As you can hear, the phrase “Under God, Indivisible” was omitted. Considering the word “indivisible” was also lost in the shuffle, it sounds to me like an honest mistake and not [Read More...]