A Notable Club at the University of Oregon

The BCS championship game between Oregon and Auburn is over but there’s one tangential story worth sharing. The Oregonian had a side-by-side comparison of the two schools in advance of the game… one of the items was “Notable student club/organization” and guess who was mentioned? Go, Alliance of Happy Atheists! Meanwhile, anyone else notice the [Read More...]

Why Did the Detroit Lions Have a Good Month?

Back in November, members of the New Destiny Baptist Church in Detroit came together for an important prayer: They will then travel to Ford Field, link hands and surround the stadium with a human chain of souls seeking intercession on behalf of the once-proud Lions. They were praying for the success of the football team. [Read More...]

I’m An Atheist, but Tucker Carlson’s a Dick

Earlier this week, President Obama called the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles to congratulate him on giving I-went-to-jail-because-I-was-involved-in-an-illegal-dog-fighting-ring Michael Vick a second chance to play football. FOX News personality Tucker Carlson wasn’t happy with Obama’s decision and said this on the air: “I’m a Christian… I believe in second chances. But Michael Vick killed dogs… [Read More...]

Why Does Tim Tebow Get to Send Religious Messages in the NFL?

You remember Tim Tebow. He’s the former University of Florida football player who tried to convert you with his eyes: Once he graduated, the NCAA ended up banning eye-billboards. Now, Tebow is a professional football player for the Denver Broncos. But since the NFL already bans eye-black messages, he has to figure out a different [Read More...]

So Long, Anti-Gay Christian ‘Values’

You may have heard the awful story about how Belmont University fired the women’s soccer coach, Lisa Howe, because she is expecting a child… with her same-sex partner. The best commentary I’ve read about it comes from Christy Frink, a social worker in Nashville. In her life, she has gone from Southern Baptist to Focus [Read More...]