Stand Up for God Bless America… Or Else

A while back a man sued the New York Yankees because they wouldn’t let him go to the bathroom during the singing of “God Bless America.” Now, three teenagers are suing another baseball team — the minor league Newark (N.J.) Bears — because they were forced to leave the ballpark after not standing during the [Read More...]

Australian Athletes Against Homophobia

I can’t imagine any American professional sports team doing this. So kudos to the Australian Wallabies rugby team for supporting a campaign to fight discrimination against the GLBT community. (Thanks to Scott for the link!) [Read more...]

A Small Victory at the Intersection of Church and State and Sports

A reader sent in this story (identifying info has been removed). It shows how simple it can be to correct a policy you think is illegal — without the use of lawsuits, angry words, or drawn-out battles: My state university (I graduated a few years back) has a pretty good football team, is almost always [Read More...]

Sports over Religion

This post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the Secular Coalition for America.  He also blogs at Rant & Reason … Back at school, I signed up for a class that was listed as “Religion in Culture”.  I thought it would be an interesting overview. As it turned out, the grad student teaching the [Read More...]

Getting God Out of Little League

Bob Ritter is a civil rights attorney for the American Humanist Association. Outside that organization, though, he’s working on a project of his own: Getting references to God removed from Little League baseball. He’s doing this locally, in his town of Falls Church, Virginia. Ritter, an assistant coach on a league team and whose son, [Read More...]