God Hates the Boston Celtics

The Orlando Magic beat the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. How did this happen? Let’s look at the stats: Orlando Magic Boston Celtics Field Goal Pct. 0.514 0.392 Points from Bench 25 12 3-pt. Field Goal Pct. 0.619 0.250 Blocks 8 3 God Loves them Hates them Ohh… now I [Read More...]

Man Sues Yankees For Not Letting Him Use Bathroom During Singing of “God Bless America”

I don’t know if this guy is an atheist or not, but I imagine many of us would want to hear about how this plays out. Bradford Campeau-Laurion was kicked out of the old Yankee Stadium last August because “he tried to use the restroom during the playing of ‘God Bless America.’” “The role of [Read More...]

Joe Frazier Says God Responsible for Muhammad Ali’s Parkinson’s

The “Thrilla in Manila” was the third (and most famous) fight between boxers Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. A documentary about the fight will air on HBO tonight. In an interview with the Associated Press, Frazier explains his absurd theory as to why Ali has Parkinson’s Disease: … as a Christian, Frazier said, he isn’t [Read More...]

Can You Support the Christian Quarterback?

A few random questions as you prepare to watch the Super Bowl commercials: Can you support the Arizona Cardinals when their quarterback Kurt Warner seems to mention Jesus in every sentence? (And even draws him?) Are any of you rooting against him specifically because he’s so open about his Christianity? Are Christians allowed to root [Read More...]

Should Public Prayer Be Allowed in Football?

Stephen Dubner of the Freakonomics blog suggests (not very seriously) a new atheist lawsuit. Earlier this year, Mike Pereira, the National Football League’s Vice President of Officiating, explained which sorts of touchdown celebrations would be allowed and which would be considered excessive (and thus penalized): Pereira stated: The whole issue is, you can’t go to [Read More...]