Sports over Religion

This post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the Secular Coalition for America.  He also blogs at Rant & Reason … Back at school, I signed up for a class that was listed as “Religion in Culture”.  I thought it would be an interesting overview. As it turned out, the grad student teaching the [Read More...]

Getting God Out of Little League

Bob Ritter is a civil rights attorney for the American Humanist Association. Outside that organization, though, he’s working on a project of his own: Getting references to God removed from Little League baseball. He’s doing this locally, in his town of Falls Church, Virginia. Ritter, an assistant coach on a league team and whose son, [Read More...]

A Minor Leaguer’s Faith Goes Unquestioned

While we’re talking about religious professional athletes and their praising of God, here’s yet another story. This one, from The Columbus Dispatch, is about baseball player Matt LaPorta. LaPorta was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2007, traded to the Cleveland Indians in 2008 (with three other players, in exchange for one CC Sabathia), played [Read More...]

The Faith of Albert Pujols

When you’re watching the baseball All-Star Game tonight, you’re bound to see Albert Pujols get a great reception from the hometown St. Louis crowd. When that happens, think about this article about him by Jeff Passan that discusses Pujols’ Christian faith. First, some background if you’re not familiar with the player: His [Pujols'] transcendence is [Read More...]

Jesus at the Soccer Game

I thought it was overtly religious when college football quarterback Tim Tebow wore black strips under his eyes with religious phrasing during the BCS championship game: Apparently, that’s nothing. Check out what Brazilian soccer players Kaka (below) and Lucio did during the Confederations Cup last month: You may be asking: If a Brazilian people do [Read More...]