God Dropped the Ball…

You Buffalo Bills fans probably don’t want a reminder of what your wide receiver Steve Johnson did in overtime during today’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers… After that miss, the Steelers got the ball, got a field goal, and won the game 19-16. So who did Johnson blame for his miss? So I guess we [Read More...]

They’re Gathering in Detroit to Pray For What?

Usually, when I hear religious people say they’re going to pray for something, two thoughts go through my mind: 1) That’s not gonna help. 2) At least it’s for a good cause. The prayers come after a disaster or when someone is sick… so even if it’s ineffective, at least the sentiment is positive, right? [Read More...]

How My 5K Run Went…

Yesterday, I ran my first 5K. You all gave me excellent advice and I used absolutely none of it. Dinner the night before the race? Indian food. Breakfast the day of the race? Donuts. Warmup? Who needs that. Clearly, I was destined to win this race. Here’s how things went down: [Race starts] Me: We’ve [Read More...]

Man Killed because He Didn’t Want to Watch Gospel Show

Even if you’re not a soccer fan, when the World Cup is being played in your home country and the games are on TV, it’s pretty damn fun to watch. Definitely better than watching a religious program on TV. 61-year-old David Makoeya felt that way during the recent Germany/Australia match. He wanted to watch the [Read More...]

Interview with Tom Krattenmaker, Author of Onward Christian Athletes

Tom Krattenmaker has been following the trend of religion in sports for a long while now, and he’s written a book about the subject: Onward Christian Athletes: Turning Ballparks into Pulpits and Players into Preachers. (To my surprise, it’s not just a biography of Tim Tebow.) A lot of you had questions for Krattenmaker — [Read More...]