Pastor: Without Slavery, Black People Would “Still Be in Africa With a Bone in Their Nose”

In the clip below from a recent sermon, Pastor Keith Gomez justifies slavery in America because we helped black people break free from the REALLY EVIL kind of slavery they have in Africa.


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Christian Hate-Pastor: “The Biggest Problem With India Today is Hinduism”

Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson thinks Hinduism is the biggest problem with India today (followed closely by Islam). But his sermon got really weird when he offered a solution to the nation’s poverty problem.


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Christian Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson: “The Bible Makes You Smart. College Makes You Dumb”

It’s been a while since we checked in on Christian Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson, hasn’t it? No worries. He hasn’t missed a beat.


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Christian Hate-Pastor Tells Congregation How to Convert Hindus: Remind Them Their Lord is Satan

In a lengthy sermon demonizing Hinduism, Christian Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson told his congregation that Hindu references to God in the Bhagavad Gita aren’t referring to the Christian God… they’re referring to Satan.


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An Independent Baptist Preacher is Trying to Out-Bigot Steven Anderson

There’s a battle going on over which independent Baptist preacher hates gay people more. Gene Kim, the San Jose Bible Baptist Church preacher, said in a video today that hate-pastor Steven Anderson isn’t doing enough to denounce homosexuality. And he has a Glenn Beckian conspiracy map on his whiteboard to prove it.


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