Christian Hate-Pastor’s Upcoming “Soul-Winning” Trip to South Africa Is Being Blocked at Every Turn

This September, Pastor Steven Anderson and his Baptist buddies are planning to visit South Africa for a “soul-winning marathon,” where they’ll try and convert everyone they can. Just one problem: All the locations they’ve reserved for their trip want nothing to do with them.


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Christian Pastor’s New “Straight Pride” Shirt Cites Bible Verse Calling for Death of Gay People

Christian Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson just posted a video showing off his new t-shirt. It says “Straight Pride” on the front… but the more disturbing part is what’s on his sleeve:


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Christian Hate-Pastor Continues Revolt Against LGBT People, Calling Them “Sodomites” and “Dogs”

In Christian Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson’s latest sermon, he continues whining about LGBT people, whom he believes should be killed by the government. He’s especially mad this time because he’s being punished on YouTube and social media for his bigotry.


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Christian Pastor on Gay Victims in Orlando Massacre: “The Tragedy Is That More of Them Didn’t Die”

Pastor Roger Jimenez of the Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, California gave a sermon the other day that was arguably lifted from his buddy Steven Anderson’s book.

Not only did Jimenez say he didn’t feel bad for the “50 pedophiles” who died in the shooting, he lamented the fact that so many people were merely injured and that the killer didn’t “finish the job.”


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Christian Pastor’s Message About Orlando Massacre: Don’t “Say It’s a Tragedy, Because It’s Not”

Christian hate-pastor Steven Anderson had a few more words of bigotry to share with us late last night about the Orlando mass shooting at a gay nightclub, after his earlier video celebrated the idea that there were “50 less pedophiles in this world.”

This time, he criticized other Christians who dared to show any empathy for the people who were murdered in the massacre.


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