Pastor Gene Kim: The Earth is Hollow, Hell is Inside, and the Bible Proves It

Pastor Gene Kim of San Jose Bible Baptist Church posted a bizarre sermon on YouTube the other day in which he described how the Earth is hollow and Hell is in there (and, therefore, so is Hitler).


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Christian Hate-Pastor: George Michael “Was a Sodomite Reprobate” Who’s “Burning in Hell Right Now”

Christian Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson, who celebrated the Pulse nightclub massacre by saying, “There’s 50 less pedophiles in this world,” is back with another disturbing eulogy, this time for singer George Michael.


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Hate Preacher Steven Anderson in BBC Documentary: Gays Are Pedophiles Who Should “Kill Themselves”

The BBC just aired a documentary called America’s Hate Preachers, all about why Bible-thumpers like Steven Anderson, who celebrate the deaths of gays and lesbians, the subjugation of women, and (I assume) their testosterone levels, have any sort of following whatsoever.


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Hate-Pastor Claims Victory for Christ in Botswana After Several Members of His Church Are Deported

Pastor Steven Anderson, fresh off getting deported from Botswana where he was in the middle of a “soul-winning” trip, is now doing a damage control tour. Yesterday, he declared “victory” after getting kicked out of the country, as if deportation was a badge of honor.

But now, three to four more members of his church have been deported, including Garrett Kirchway, the man who was going to open up and lead a church in the country. Without him, that project has been scrapped. Anderson, however, just uploaded a video mocking anyone who calls this trip a failure, even though it obviously was. He also explained his Plan B for building a church in Botswana.


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Pastor Steven Anderson Declares “Victory” in Botswana a Day After Being Deported

Yesterday, Pastor Steven Anderson was deported from Botswana, where he was in the middle of a “soul-winning” trip, after he reiterated his belief that gay people deserved to be executed by the government.

It only took a day for the delusional pastor to declare “victory”… because getting kicked out of a country for hate speech means he won the gold medal at the Martyr Olympics.


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