Pastor Steven Anderson: “If You Executed the Homos Like God Recommends,” the World Would be AIDS-Free by Christmas

My wife and I were in the car a few days ago, listening to a recent episode of This American Life, when we heard a segment by reporter Debbie Nathan about border patrol checkpoints and the people who disregard the agents’ wishes. These people eventually get let through anyway because the agents have no actual legal authority — and that’s the point of the story. Nathan added that some people even videotaped their conversations with the agents just to prove that you didn’t have to listen to them.

At one point, we both perked up when Nathan mentioned one of the people who found a clever way to get around dealing with the agents.

My wife asked me, “Isn’t that the crazy pastor you always post about?”

I believe I responded with, “I DON’T POST ABOUT HIM THAT MUCH!!!” and “Yes” and “I think I need help.”

It was our friend, Pastor Steven Anderson (who has a long history battling the border patrol agents).

He actually came out looking pretty good in that episode.

I doubt Nathan had any idea that Anderson is the same guy who’s under fire this week for a sermon in which he told his congregation his plan to cure AIDS:

If you executed the homos like God recommends, you wouldn’t have all this AIDS running rampant.

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Pastor Steven Anderson: “Robin Williams is Burning in Hell” Because He Didn’t Follow Christ

Earlier today, Hannah wrote about how some Christians seem more concerned about whether Robin Williams accepted Jesus into his heart than any of the other serious issues surrounding his death.

Not all of those Christians are considered extremists by mainstream standards. But when some sound like a very clear fundamentalist, Pastor Steven Anderson, you know there’s a problem. Anderson doesn’t need to speculate about Williams’ beliefs — he already knows:

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Pastor Steven Anderson Tells Women to Stop Idolizing Male Actors: “These Guys Are a Bunch of Sodomite Faggots”

It’s time once again for the Pastor Steven Anderson game. That’s where I click on a random part of his latest sermon and listen for a minute. If I hear him say something crazy, I post about it. If he doesn’t, I skip it.

His latest rant: “Marriage Advice.”

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Fundamentalist Christian Pastor Bashes “We Can Do It” Mentality Among Women Because It’s Unbiblical

Here are the rules for a new game I recently invented: Whenever Pastor Steven Anderson releases a video, I click on a random part of it and listen for a minute. If I hear him say something crazy, I post about it. If he doesn’t, I skip it.

Looks like we have a winner with his latest sermon. (Though, with a title like “Attributes of a Godly Woman,” you knew it’d be hard to *not* find gold.)

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Fundamentalist Christian Pastor on Women’s Roles: ‘No, My Wife Does Not Have Equal Rights’

Suppose you’re doing an interview and the host asked you these questions:

  • Would you be horrified if your wife told you she wanted to begin a career as a teacher?
  • Do you expect sex from your wife whenever you want it?
  • What do you think about women who wear clothing that makes them feel attractive?

Think of how you’d answer those questions… and then listen to Pastor Steven Anderson respond in all the opposite ways during this interview with an Irish radio show host:

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