If Atheists Talked Like Christians, It Would Sound Like This (Continued)

Tide goes in, tide goes out.

And we know exactly how that happens.


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Sen. Bernie Sanders Should Have Grilled This Trump Nominee More Thoroughly

Sen. Bernie Sanders grilled a potential Donald Trump administration nominee on his religious faith, but he failed to show how those beliefs would lead to discrimination if the nominee got the job.


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If Atheists Talked Like Christians, It’d Sound Like This

A peer-reviewed journal said it. I have no reason to doubt it. That settles it… Unless new evidence becomes available.


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The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether or Not to Ignore Church/State Separation

If the Supreme Court votes in favor of Trinity Lutheran, it could pave the way for taxpayers to fund other church renovations.


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We Should All Be Concerned About the Alabama Church Police

If a mosque made this request, the Alabama legislature would never have considered it.


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