Looks Like We’ll See Jesus and the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the Florida Capitol Again This Winter

Last winter, something strange happened in Florida.

I know, I know, that’s crazy talk. Florida? Strange?! Never. But stay with with me here…

For a time, the State Capitol Building became home to a Nativity scene, Festivus Pole, three signs from atheist groups, and an homage to the Flying Spaghetti Monster:

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Atheist-Turned-Satanist Wants To Deliver Invocation at Local City Council Meeting

Chaz Stevens is an activist whose temper goes hot and cold, as does my affinity for him.

At one point, in 2012, I supported him when he fought to place a Festivus Pole near a Deerfield Beach, Florida fire station that already had a Nativity scene and menorah out front.

He wanted to do the same thing this past winter, this time in the state Capitol building.

I was still with him then… until he unleashed a tirade of profanity against other religious displays that were outside the fire station.

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The War on Christmas is On! These Christians Are Angry That a School District Renamed Christmas Break ‘Winter Recess’

The War on Christmas (2014 edition) has begun!

Years ago, the Norwood Public Schools decided to change the name of “Christmas Recess” to “Winter Recess” since, you know, not everyone believes in Jesus.

Theresa McNulty is still pissed off about that:

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Even the U.K. Wages ‘War on Christmas’: KFC Spot That Spoofed the Holiday Draws Complaints, Resolution

BBH is a powerhouse London ad agency that made a pretty entertaining U.K. Christmas commercial for KFC late last year. With a daft, schmaltzy pop song, the two-and-a-half minute spot mocked both seasonal sappiness and unchecked materialism. Adweek named it its “Ad of the Day”:

The spot… opens with a showdown in a store between angry moms. “I almost tore your hair out for the last doll in the store,” one sings. “But the things that once divided us don’t matter anymore,” the other one sings in reply. And we’re off on a grandiose musical journey, as traditional holiday foes (carolers and carolees, snowballers and snowballees, Santa Claus and incontinent children) put aside their differences and bond over the soothing comfort of 11 herbs and spices.┬áIt’s all amusingly goofy and completely over the top.

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After Making Offensive Statements About Atheists, New York State Senator Issues the Worst Apology You’ll Ever See

For weeks now, New York State Senator Andrew Lanza has been complaining about the American Atheists ad in Times Square.

He said the digital billboard, images of which are below, was “religious persecution of the kind that similarly lead to the Holocaust.”

Recently, he altered his original press release to remove some of the most offensive statement along with his call for the IRS to revoke American Atheists’ non-profit status.

Meanwhile, the bit about the Holocaust remained in place.

If you go to Lanza’s site now, there’s a completely new press release where the old one used to be.

So let’s go through some of these new revisions, shall we…?

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