Orange (TX) Officials Will Spend $20,000 on “Inclusive” Holiday Display That Shuts Out Atheists

Atheists in Orange (TX) asked officials to put up this banner outside city hall last year in response to a Nativity scene already there, only to have them take down the Christian display as a way of saying no. Neutrality protected. This year, however, city officials appear to be going to great lengths to prevent atheists from participating in the holiday display.


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Brookville (IN) Officials Finally Ban Displays (Including Nativity Scenes) on Courthouse Lawn

A long-standing controversy involving a Nativity scene on an Indiana courthouse lawn has finally been resolved after county officials voted to ban all outside displays for good.

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An Advent Calendar… for Atheists

Don’t believe in God but miss the holiday traditions? The Australian company Strange Society has you covered with their Atheist Advent calendar:


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Texas County Leaders Reject Atheist Banner on Courthouse Lawn (But the Nativity Scene Can Stay)

In Kerr County, Texas, the War on Christmas is already underway.

Since a Nativity scene has been on the front lawn of the Kerrville County Courthouse every year since 1999, a local atheist recently made a simple request to put up a banner from the Freedom From Religion Foundation in the same space. His proposal was shot down unanimously by the Commissioners.


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Judge Says Nativity Scene in Indiana School District’s Holiday Concert Was Legal

For more than a year now, there’s been a legal battle raging over a Nativity scene in an Indiana high school’s holiday concert. Even though the District changed the live manger scene to one using statues instead of students, the blatant promotion of Christianity was still a problem. Yesterday, however, a judge ruled that the Nativity scene could stay, in part because of those statues.

This scene belongs in a church play, not a public school concert.

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