Atheist’s “Let Reason Prevail” Banner Vandalized in Connecticut Park

Just days after atheist Jerome Bloom got approval to put up his banner in a local Connecticut park, it was vandalized. Someone had apparently taken a blade to the “Let Reason Prevail” sign, slashing it up.


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There Is No “War on Christmas” and There Never Was

The annual War on Christmas is coming to an end once again — which is a good time to remind people that it never existed in the first place.

The YouTuber at Counter Arguments does a wonderful job explaining how this false “war” began and why it persists in conservative media.


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An Atheist Explains What Christmas Means to Her

Maria does a really nice job of sharing what she’s celebrating today, even though she’s no longer religious. Turns out there’s plenty to be grateful for.


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Christian Group Furious Over Sales of Nativity Scene Ornaments Featuring Two Josephs

A Nativity scene ornament featuring Jesus with two same-sex parents was removed from Zazzle after an anti-gay Christian group complained about it. But it’s back up now, and there’s a rather compelling story behind it.


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Christmas is All About Lying

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how Christmas is really the season of lies.


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