Children Learn the Truth About Santa Claus in This Video

This video of parents telling their children that Santa isn’t real is entertaining to some, I guess.


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Christian Hate Group Compares Satanist’s Holiday Display to the Behavior of the KKK

Liberty Counsel, the Christian hate group dedicated to promoting Kim Davis-like discrimination in the name of Jesus and the endorsement of Christianity through the government, now says allowing a Satanic display in Boca Raton, Florida’s Sanborn Square park is akin to what the KKK used to do.


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How Atheists Should Deal With Religious Family Members Over Christmas

We all know there is no “War on Christmas” being fought by atheists — in fact, many non-believers like myself celebrate and even love the holiday — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges heathens face during the winter season. So how should you deal with the inevitable arguments over politics and religion?


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Once Again, Atheist Group Puts Up “Peace on Earth” Display in California Park

Once again, the Temecula Valley Atheists in California have put up a giant sign reading “Peace on Earth” at Duck Pond Park, near a menorah, Nativity scene, and Christmas tree.

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The Nebraska State Capitol is Host to a Nativity Scene… and Several Atheist Displays

If you’re in Lincoln, Nebraska, be sure to stop by the State Capitol, where atheists have once again put up displays to counter the Nativity scene that’s also there.


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