Christian Group Furious Over Sales of Nativity Scene Ornaments Featuring Two Josephs

A Nativity scene ornament featuring Jesus with two same-sex parents was removed from Zazzle after an anti-gay Christian group complained about it. But it’s back up now, and there’s a rather compelling story behind it.


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Christmas is All About Lying

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how Christmas is really the season of lies.


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Children Learn the Truth About Santa Claus in This Video

This video of parents telling their children that Santa isn’t real is entertaining to some, I guess.


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Christian Hate Group Compares Satanist’s Holiday Display to the Behavior of the KKK

Liberty Counsel, the Christian hate group dedicated to promoting Kim Davis-like discrimination in the name of Jesus and the endorsement of Christianity through the government, now says allowing a Satanic display in Boca Raton, Florida’s Sanborn Square park is akin to what the KKK used to do.


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How Atheists Should Deal With Religious Family Members Over Christmas

We all know there is no “War on Christmas” being fought by atheists — in fact, many non-believers like myself celebrate and even love the holiday — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges heathens face during the winter season. So how should you deal with the inevitable arguments over politics and religion?


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