How a Christian “Pastor” from Texas Ruined Santa for a Bunch of Kids

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how self-described “pastor” David Grisham Jr. ruined Santa for a bunch of children and the unintentional irony of his actions.


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Michigan Town Puts Nativity Back Up on Government Property, Taking Advantage of Legal Loophole

For nearly a decade, the town of Menominee, Michigan has put a Nativity scene on government property, clearly endorsing Christianity at the expense of everyone else. They took it down about a month ago, finally respecting the law, but they just put it back up citing a legal loophole.


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Vandals Destroyed the Satanic Display in Florida By Chaining It To a Vehicle and Pulling It Down

The people of Boca Raton, Florida can’t seem to handle the atheist and Satanist displays in Sanborn Square park. Despite the Pentagram monument being locked in place the other day, vandals struck again, tying a chain to the structure and pulling it down.


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A School Didn’t Cancel Its Performance of “A Christmas Carol” Because Tiny Tim Says “God Bless Us”

Conservatives are complaining after Centerville Elementary School in Pennsylvania canceled its traditional performance of “A Christmas Carol” after a couple of parents said it was inappropriate for Tiny Tim to say, “God bless us, everyone.” As usual, the facts don’t back their story.


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Adam Ruins Everything Explains the Pagan Origins of Christmas

In this clip from Adam Ruins Everything, host Adam Conover explains how Christmas traditions have little to do with anything in the Bible. In fact, the traditions we celebrate actually have Pagan origins.

And then, just for kicks, he gives us that history in a Peanuts-style cartoon. Linus would be devastated.


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