Nativity Scene in a Public School?

***Update***: The author has removed her posting and its follow-up. No word on the Nativity scene, though. … I understand public high school classrooms putting up holiday decorations this time of year — lights, ornaments, even small trees. But a Nativity scene? That’s what Crystal, a Christian teacher from Georgia, seems to have done… This [Read More...]

Atheist Christmas Trees

Questions inspired by Ask MetaFilter: As an atheist (or Agnostic/Humanist/what-have-you), are you putting up a Christmas tree this year? If so, are you making any modifications to it…? What are they? (Thanks to G for the link!) [Read more...]

Flying Spaghetti Monster Nativity Scene

Maybe atheists ought to place this version of the Nativity scene at the state Capitol buildings: I’m sure if we did that, though, people would be stealing Baby FSMs left and right… (via Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) [Read more...]

The Atheist Sign Comes to Illinois

Looks like Springfield, Illinois may get a taste of what Olympia, Washington has been dealing with the past week. At the Illinois Capitol building today, the Freedom From Religion Foundation will be putting up a red-and-green version of its infamous sign: Let’s be clear on this: FFRF isn’t doing this because they think atheists deserve [Read More...]

How the War on Christmas Began

Thanks to Jason Reich, I now understand everything. (via 23/6) [Read more...]