Another Bold High Schooler Speaks Her Mind About Religion and Politics

High-schooler Elise Brown recently wrote this fantastic opinion piece for her community’s local paper regarding celebrating Christmas as an atheist and the importance of religious pluralism in our country. While it’s not online at the paper’s site, she reposted it here. I love this excerpt, a response to Rick Perry‘s “Stronger” ad: A statesman who [Read More...]

Weapons in the ‘War on Christmas’

Dr Rotwang! has a list of weapons atheists can use in our “War on Christmas.” I’m a personal fan of this one since I deploy it more than any other one: WTF-1 LOOK OF SKEPTICAL DISBELIEF Still standard-issue, this year’s WTF-1 has been slightly upgraded in response to changing battlefield conditions. Extensive testing ensures that [Read More...]

Atheist Group Defends Itself Against Anti-Menorah Remark

Suppose a religious group wants to put up a Nativity scene on public property. What’s the typical atheist group’s response? (As if you don’t already know…) Simple: If they want to put something up, then we get to put something up, too. Either that or no one gets to put up a display. Recently, a [Read More...]

‘Twas the Night Before Reason

[Read more...]

Religion is Ruining the True Spirit of Christmas

by Jesse Galef – That’s right: religion is ruining the true spirit of Christmas. That’s my argument in today’s US News & World Report Debate topic “Has Christmas Become Too Secular?”  Believe me, I had a lot of fun answering. The secular submissions are dominating the religious ones – go upvote the ones you like! [Read More...]