Seattle Gets a Tree of Knowledge

The Seattle Atheists have put up a beautiful Tree of Knowledge at the State Capitol building: The text reads: At this winter Solstice, as people embrace light and hope, Seattle Atheists celebrates human knowledge: Inquiry and discovery, invention and exploration, the investigation of mysteries subatomic to astronomic, ever growing, ever reaching, ever striving According to [Read More...]

Christian Group Executes Santa

Repent Amarillo, a Christian extremist group with a crazy website, has a Christmas message for everyone. It involves Santa Claus getting shot at by a firing squad: Of course, as they say in the video, this is all in good fun. They abhor violence. (Can’t you tell?) It was alllllll a fun little joke. That [Read More...]

To Any Christians Who Think There’s a War on Christmas…

Ray Garton at Atheist Oasis has a message for any Christians who think there’s actually a “War on Christmas”: I don’t know anyone who genuinely hates Christmas. Oh, sure, people complain about it when it comes along — all the commercial hustle, the crowds, the pressure to buy, buy, buy. But ultimately, everyone I know [Read More...]

If You Like Blunt Atheist Ads…

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has a couple billboards now up in Denver… And that’s the least controversial thing FFRF is announcing this week. They’re also putting a sign like this in the Mississippi State Capitol beginning on December 20th: At this season of the Winter Solstice, may reason prevail. There are no gods, no [Read More...]

A Way To Stop Government Nativity Scenes?

Brookville, Indiana residents want to keep a nativity scene on government property. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to Franklin County commissioners and the Brookville Town Council demanding the removal of the scene from the courthouse lawn. The group said that the display violates the First Amendment and said it had received a [Read More...]