The Unbearable Whiteness of Being (Megyn Kelly): Jon Stewart Skewers Fox News’ Caucasian Persuasion

In his inimitable way, Jon Stewart takes on Fox News’ obsession with keeping Santa and Jesus as white as the driven snow. The best line is by Jessica Williams, the Daily Show‘s “Senior Christmas Historical Accuracy Correspondent”:

Santa is white. That’s just a fact. It’s Miracle on 34th Street, not Miracle on 134th Street.

Can’t argue with that. Merry White Christmas, everyone!

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South Carolina Air Force Base Removes Nativity Scene

Thanks to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, the mythical War on Christmas has some soldiers helping out this year. Last week at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, South Carolina, a nativity scene was taken down after complaints, just before the annual tree lighting.

Mikey Weinstein, president of the MRFF, said they got complaints from Air Force personnel and contacted the Pentagon. After the call from the Pentagon, the display was removed in two hours and fifteen minutes. He cited Air Force Instruction 1-1, Section 2.11 as reason for the removal:

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Many Catalan Nativity Scenes Feature Jesus, the Wise Men, and Someone Defecating (Really!)

What do you think would happen if you were caught adding figurines such as these to a U.S. nativity scene?

I believe your gesture would be, um, underappreciated.

But one person’s grave insult is another person’s hallowed tradition, and so it is with the caganer, or pooper — a defecating character that the Catalan people of Spain have been adding to their Christmas displays for hundreds of years.

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Stephen Colbert Mocks Fox News’ Coverage of the ‘War on Christmas’

Last night, Stephen Colbert mocked Fox News’ coverage of the “War on Christmas” (apparently, a Festivus pole is ruining it) and even threw in a little support for a claim made by Dave Silverman that “Christianity stole the season from the solstice”:

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Just When You Think You’ve Seen Everything… Comes the Craziest, Most Baffling War-on-Christmas Commercial Yet

Before you play this, a warning: Don’t use headphones except at low volume, and don’t turn your speakers up too high. Seriously.

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