Virginia Attorney General says Holiday Displays on Public Property Are Allowed…

Last month, Brittany Meyer mentioned a controversy taking place in Loudoun County, Virginia, regarding holiday displays on public property: One side, the Courthouse Grounds and Facilities Committee wants to ban all displays. The other side, including many community members and Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, thinks all displays should be allowed — apparently even atheist ones. Today, [Read More...]

Flying Spaghetti Monster Tree Toppers

Wow, it looks like a lot of people had the Flying Spaghetti Monster adorning their holiday trees! Prophet Bobby has a whole slew of pics on his site. [Read more...]

Laura Ingraham and Annie Laurie Gaylor Argue Over Winter Billboards

FOX News Channel’s Laura Ingraham interviewed Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The topic: FFRF’s new billboards in Las Vegas. This was painful to watch. Ingraham just gets me riled up because all she’s doing is trying to provoke Annie Laurie. She’s obnoxious, rude, and clueless. Annie Laurie was calm and collected [Read More...]

The Problem with “Christmas”

by Jesse Galef – I’ll admit that I felt a sense of deep sadness and disappointment when I read Garrison Keillor‘s intolerant screed in the Chicago Tribune. I’m hoping that it’s satire given how abundantly stupid and offensive it is, but for the moment I’m afraid that it’s genuine. Unitarians listen to the Inner Voice [Read More...]

Why Should Atheists Celebrate the Holidays?

Greta Christina has a terrific article highlighting several reasons atheists should be celebrating this time of year: Reason #7: Holiday traditions are comforting. The human need for tradition and ritual seems to be deeply ingrained. It’s comforting to do things at the same time every day or every year: things we did as children, things [Read More...]