FOX News Angry at Lack of Religious Displays in Washington State Capitol

FOX News Channel can’t believe it. The Capitol Building in Washington state isn’t allowing atheist displays or Nativity scenes or anything else… How *dare* the state government treat all groups equally?! Essentially, they’re reporting on what is a lack of news. They cover it if no religious/non-religious displays go up. They cover it if atheist [Read More...]

The “War on Christmas” in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

In Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, local officials have allowed a Nativity scene to be placed near a local public fountain. This is illegal, of course, but the PA Nonbelievers (PAN) took the high road in dealing with this. They wanted to put up a sign near the Nativity Scene which would read “Celebrating Solstice — Honoring Atheist [Read More...]

New Atheist Ad Design is NOT Anti-Christmas. Really.

by Jesse Galef Our atheist billboards and bus ads have appeared all over the place, but there’s a certain repetition to the designs.  In case you wanted something new, your non-prayers have been answered: the American Humanist Association is sponsoring a new nation-wide campaign with the words “No God? …No problem! Be good for goodness’ [Read More...]

Arkansas Solstice Display Denied

Last year, the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers tried to erect a holiday display at the state Capitol building. They were denied because they weren’t very specific about the type of display they wanted to put up. They made no such mistake this time around: This year, the group submitted a detailed description along with a [Read More...]

The Gap Hates Christmas, Say Christians with Tunnel Vision

I mentioned a week ago that Liberty Counsel (a Christian group) put out their annual list of “Naughty & Nice” places to shop. “Naughty” were places that said things like “Happy Holidays.” “Nice” were placed that prominently displayed “Christmas” at the expense of everything else. The Gap is mentioned among the “Naughty” places. Gap – [Read More...]