A Look at the Grisly Side of Traditional Christmas Myths

It’s all fun and games until someone gets eaten, beaten, or sacrificed.

Christmas is a time that should inspire togetherness and, if we consult the traditional Christmas myths… well, absolute terror. Depending on which stories you credit, the holiday is less a joyous celebration and more the reign of cannibals, monsters, and blood sacrifice (oh my!).

A lot of the horrific aspects were likely designed to elicit good behavior. There are rewards — Santa will bring toys to all the good kids! — but the punishments go so much further than the familiar coal in the stockings.

For instance, there’s the holiday goat-demon Krampus.

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“Reason’s Greetings” Banner Vandalized in Boston

On Sunday, members of the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts put up a fairly innocuous banner in the Boston Common area:

Rangers took it down the following day, even though the atheists had a permit, so the group put it back up on Tuesday.

Then, on Wednesday, they saw that it had been slashed:

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Somalia and Brunei Have Banned Public Christmas Celebrations

You want to know what a War on Christmas looks like?

Then stop focusing on what they’re selling at Starbucks and look at what’s happening in Muslim-majority Somalia:

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Daughter’s Henna Tattoo Ruins a Texas Family’s Christmas

A Houston-area mom is in a tizzy because her 7-year-old daughter came home from school with henna “tattoos” on her hands in the month of December, thus ruining Christmas.

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Some Australians Are “Offended” by Member of Parliament’s Black Jesus

In Melbourne, Australia, there lies a babe in a manger that has some locals in disgust. It’s being called “inaccurate” and “offensive.”

This Nativity is in the window of Parliament Member Lizzie Blandthorn‘s office, and the doll laying in the place of baby Jesus is black.

Blandthorn has been receiving angry phone calls about the display but refuses to appease the offended. She told Seven News:

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