A Couple Quick Plugs

There’s an interview with me on the Regator blog. It discusses how I blog and advice to other bloggers. … I also have a cameo on the Skepchick podcast where I explain my own contribution to the War on Christmas! [Read more...]

Christian Right Group: Atheists Near Top of Grinch-o-Meter

The Christian Right group Culture and Media Institute has put out their list of the 2008 Worst Grinches (PDF). The winner: Playboy for putting out an issue in its Mexican edition with a seductive cover girl posed as the Virgin Mary: Yep. That one ruined Christmas for all Christians, I know. Runner up? The Freedom [Read More...]

Atheist Sign Stolen… Again

***Update***: The sign has been replaced and the Springfield Nativity Scene Committee (SNSC) has condemned the person who stole the original FFRF plaque: “It is truly unfortunate that someone decided to express their displeasure with the disturbing sign by stealing it,” said Daniel Zanoza, Chairman of the SNSC. “Of course, our entire committee would encourage [Read More...]

What *Isn’t* Part of the War on Christmas?

Does anyone else feel like the media is drawn to anyone who speaks in favor of atheism this time of year? Every minor dissent is seen as a contribution to the War on Christmas… (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]

Would You Help Restore a Nativity Scene?

Admit it: for a few minutes when you knew the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s atheist sign in Olympia, Washington was stolen, you were angry. People could disagree with it — maybe even get offended by it — but to the point that they would steal it? How “Christian” of them. Then the sign was recovered [Read More...]