Couple Christmas-y Things For You to Read

The Bad Idea Blog thanks Christians for today: So Merry Christmas, dear Christian friends. And a happy new holiday to all, ever changing. You’ve given us a wonderful gift, and for that many of us non-believers are truly grateful. We’ll keep it, I think. The Sexy Secularist decides to check out Jesus’ horoscope to see [Read More...]

Now That’s Blasphemy

The title of Hazel Dooney‘s post explains it all. There’s also a possibly not-safe-for-work pic in the piece. Here’s a little teaser: … All were moulded in a soft, pliable, flesh-like silicon that was seductive to touch. I loved them. Still, despite being an atheist, there’s no way I’d use even faux-religious artifacts for self-stimulation [Read More...]

Forget “Merry Christmas”

Jeopardy!‘s Ken Jennings second guessed himself saying “Merry Christmas” today: At the store this morning, I was appalled to feel deeply conflicted saying “Merry Christmas” to the cashier. I was suddenly seized by the suspicion that it’s starting to be impossible to wish someone merry Christmas without sounding like a good ideological soldier. I love [Read More...]

Questions for Atheists: Should I Send a Card?

Pastor Mike here again: So I was going through my Christmas card mailing list last night and wondering if there was anyone I needed to add to it this year. One of the first thoughts that popped into my mind was that I should send cards to some of my new online friends here at [Read More...]

Irreverent Christmas Gifts

I know what I’m getting you for Christmas this year. A Pope Clock. Because it’s so hard to keep track of who’s infallible these days… And for my Christian friends, a Rapture Clock! Sounds a loud alarm and flashes a bright blue light half-an-hour before the beginning of Judgement Day, giving you ample time to [Read More...]