Atheist Group Defends Itself Against Anti-Menorah Remark

Suppose a religious group wants to put up a Nativity scene on public property. What’s the typical atheist group’s response? (As if you don’t already know…) Simple: If they want to put something up, then we get to put something up, too. Either that or no one gets to put up a display. Recently, a [Read More…]

‘Twas the Night Before Reason

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Religion is Ruining the True Spirit of Christmas

by Jesse Galef – That’s right: religion is ruining the true spirit of Christmas. That’s my argument in today’s US News & World Report Debate topic “Has Christmas Become Too Secular?”  Believe me, I had a lot of fun answering. The secular submissions are dominating the religious ones – go upvote the ones you like! [Read More…]

How Wise Could They Really Have Been?

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FFRF Places Full-Page Ad in the New York Times

In case you missed it, the Freedom From Religion Foundation placed this full-page ad (read: $$$) appeared in today’s New York Times to mark the Winter Solstice: The question is whether the donations and publicity resulting from the ad will make up for its cost. Knowing the FFRF, they wouldn’t do something like this unless [Read More…]