To Santa or Not To Santa

Should you tell your kids about Santa? One character struggles with the notion: Click over to Penny Arcade for the atheist-friendly punchline (Thanks to everyone for the link!) [Read more…]

What a War on Christmas Really Looks Like

To Bill Donohue, Bill O’Reilly, and everyone else at Fox News Channel: There is no War on Christmas. This ad, no matter what you think it does, does not threaten Christmas or Christians: The next story, however, is what a War on Christmas really would look like, and it’s horrifying: On December 18, Hindu fundamentalists [Read More…]

Do Christmas Trees Make You Feel Uncomfortable?

American Atheists’ president Dave Silverman was back on Fox News Channel yesterday — this time, alongside the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue — to talk about a study which claims that Christmas trees in the workplace make some people feel excluded. Somehow, Hitler gets worked into the argument at the end of the clip… Donohue’s suggests [Read More…]

Seattle Gets a Tree of Knowledge

The Seattle Atheists have put up a beautiful Tree of Knowledge at the State Capitol building: The text reads: At this winter Solstice, as people embrace light and hope, Seattle Atheists celebrates human knowledge: Inquiry and discovery, invention and exploration, the investigation of mysteries subatomic to astronomic, ever growing, ever reaching, ever striving According to [Read More…]

Christian Group Executes Santa

Repent Amarillo, a Christian extremist group with a crazy website, has a Christmas message for everyone. It involves Santa Claus getting shot at by a firing squad: Of course, as they say in the video, this is all in good fun. They abhor violence. (Can’t you tell?) It was alllllll a fun little joke. That [Read More…]