‘How Can We Help Young Atheists?’ My Speech at the 2012 Freethought Festival

Last spring, the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison held a Freethought Festival. It was a free conference with tons of speakers — very impressive for any student group to pull off — and they’re planning to do it again next year. (If they invite me, I’m *so* there.) I bring it [Read More…]

Atheists Are Organizing in High Schools

Kimberly Winston of the Religion News Service just released her article on the rise of high school atheists. I’ve been doing research on the subject for the past month for my book and this only confirms what I’ve been finding: There were about a dozen such [high school atheist] clubs at the beginning of the [Read More…]

My Summer Plans… and My Next Book

Most teachers will tell you that summer break isn’t actually a “break” at all. A lot of my colleagues teach summer school or work a second job in addition to spending time with their families. I suppose I could just sit in my underwear and blog all day, but that’d get boring after a while… [Read More…]