If this becomes law, churches could endorse candidates without losing their tax exemptions. Read more

Filmmaker David Farrier’s facial reactions do a lot of talking in this segment. Read more

God loves us. That’s why he wants to torture some people for eternity. Read more

Why do these kinds of stories seem to be popping up with more frequency? Read more

Scott Wagner, the Republican candidate for governor in Pennsylvania, dismissed a question about the environment with plenty of condescension. Read more

What do you do when everyone in your rural community looks at you differently for not believing in God? Read more

What used to be a special unwritten perk for churchgoers on Dolores St. in San Francisco will now be available to everyone. Read more

The Milwaukee Public Schools owes FFRF an apology after lying about a sub who worked for the District. Read more

Some churches are all about compassion and basic human decency… but only after the checks clear. Read more

Once again, Ken Ham comes face-to-face with his greatest enemy: Math. Read more

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