FL Official: We’ll “Gladly Accept” Confederate Monuments. His City: No We Won’t

A city commissioner in Eustis, FL offered to accept the Confederate monuments other cities are now removing. But it was only a matter of hours before the city publicly rebuked him. Read more

Atheist Hospital Chaplains: The Time Has Come

After his own unwanted encounter with a religious hospital chaplain, Mark Kolsen says it’s time for hospitals to realize many of their patients have emotional needs that can’t be met with a man of God. Read more

Christian Preacher: If Confederate Statues Have to Go, So Should Satanic Ones

There are people who think and do research before spreading their ideas. Preacher Marcus Rogers isn’t one of them. Read more

Atheist Minister Urges Canada to Take Action in Malaysia’s Atheist Crackdown

What a powerful message it would send if the Canadian government succesfully urged Malaysia to protect the rights of atheists. Read more

Romanian Orthodox Bishop Resigns After Gay Sex Tape Comes Out

The bishop maintains his innocence… which is a little tough to do when there’s video. Read more

Baptist Preacher: The Antichrist is a Black Catholic Syrian Jew

If you think the Antichrist can’t be all of those things simultaneously… well, I guess that makes you a heretic. Read more

Islamic Think Tank Comes to the Defense of Atheists in Malaysia

This is the sort of statement we could always use when atheists are under attack in majority-Muslim nations. Read more

On SNL, “Neil deGrasse Tyson” Explains His Plans for an Orgasmic Solar Eclipse

But really, who isn’t taking off all their clothes during the solar eclipse? Read more

Ken Ham: If People Don’t Believe Genesis, They Won’t Trust the Rest of the Bible

This is what atheists have been saying for years. Read more

Women in Lebanon Are No Longer Forced To Marry Their Rapists

The Lebanese Republic has, in 2017, finally repealed a law that allowed alleged rapists to escape punishment by marrying their accusers. Read more