What Billy Graham contributed to American life is controversial and, for many Americans, harmful. That’s why he doesn’t deserve this honor. Read more

Taking homeopathic pills in certain cases isn’t just a waste of money; it’s downright harmful. Read more

You think invocations don’t matter? The Scottsdale City Council members changed the rules to prevent Satanists from speaking. Read more

These two documentaries are an important reminder how destructive and deadly unquestioned faith in nonsense can become. Read more

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Here are some brief updates on what’s happened since BuzzFeed published an article detailing sexual misconduct allegations against atheist Lawrence Krauss. Read more

How many acts of genocide did God commit in the Bible? Read more

Her niece refuses to admit her aunt was wrong. That means more people who see those videos (and listen to the advice) will die faster. Read more

Scott Pruitt is a conspiracy theorist who justifies his environmental sabotage by quoting a Bible verse. Read more

This middle school coach’s public announcement of illegal prayer may help end the practice altogether. Read more

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