With Any Luck, There’ll Be a Blog Just Like This One, But With “Nutty Stories” About Atheists

Commenter Jerry Lynch, a reformed conservative Catholic who nonetheless still walks with Jesus, has trouble with Friendly Atheist, he told me yesterday. He’s been coming here for a week and a half and he’s puzzled. Disappointed, even.

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For Arbitrary Reason, Scottsdale (AZ) City Officials Kick Satanists Off Invocation Speakers List

In Scottsdale, Arizona, members of The Satanic Temple were slated to give the opening invocation for the city council on April 5. When a logistical issue forced the Satanists to request an alternate date, they chose July 6.

But now that may not be happening either. I guess city officials finally realized that Satanists were taking advantage of the open platform.


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“I’m An Atheist & I Vote” Signs Are Now on Buses and Bike Kiosks All Over Washington, D.C.

A new advertising campaign in Washington, D.C. by the Freedom From Religion Foundation features young people (some of whom work for FFRF) saying, “I’m an Atheist & I Vote.” Some of them also promote “atheist pride” clothing.

The ads will appear on buses, bus stops, and bike kiosks over the next two weeks, leading up to the Reason Rally.


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Woman Who Called Obama a Gay Prostitute Loses Primary Race for Texas Board of Education

Last night, Mary Lou Bruner, the right-wing loon who once said President Obama worked as a gay prostitute to pay for his drugs, lost her primary in the race for the Texas State Board of Education.


Bruner also believes slavery wasn’t a big deal in the Civil War, evolution is an atheist conspiracy, and pre-K education teaches kids about the “homosexual agenda.”

Normally, I’d think that’s all a way to suck up to the Texas electorate… but it only won her 40% of the votes!

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A Summary of How the Universe Works (Sort Of) in Four Minutes

Here’s a helpful four-minute explanation of how the universe works. And by helpful, I mean it includes references to Miley Cyrus, Donald Trump, and a “ménage à star.”


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