This survey also reveals a lot of religious hypocrisy. Read more

Since the GOP’s moral compass is broken, Trump’s supporters are trash-talking otherwise like-minded critics while comparing him to Jesus. Read more

Pastor Andy Savage took a leave of absence from Memphis’ Highpoint Church after details about a sexual assault he committed came to light. This weekend, his colleague criticized bloggers for being “so hateful” towards them. Read more

Christians cherry pick their beliefs all the time, but when preacher Carlton Pearson began doubting the existence of Hell, he paid the price. Read more

If HB 1102 passes in South Dakota, it would be a crime — punishable by jail time — to replicate the state seal without including the phrase “Under God The People Rule.” Read more

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham doesn’t care that Donald Trump allegedly had an affair shortly after his third wife gave birth to his fifth child. Read more

We also talked about televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s private plane, Pope Francis’ bad PR week, and Hawaii’s lack of conversions during the false alarm missile alert. Read more

He had to say something religious after the atheist was done speaking. Read more

Gay people not getting married won’t prevent earthquakes just as banning abortion won’t stop a missile attack. Read more

Texas judge Jack Robison had a message for the jury: God told him the defendant was innocent. Good thing they cared more about the evidence. Read more

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