This is the Worst Game Ever, but I Can’t Stop Playing

Webb Pickersgill offers a review of one of the most frustrating games he’s ever played.

It’s called “Life.” And it’s really, really annoying.

You’d think the Developer would’ve worked out some of the kinks before shipping it out…


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In Britain, Muslim Women Undermined While Seeking Office by Muslim Labour Councillors

Pop quiz: You are a member of a left-wing political party, traditionally concerned with equality and women’s rights. What do you do when your male councillors stand accused of a sustained, decades-long effort to sabotage female candidates in their communities?

Follow-up: What if the councillors in question happen to be Muslim — who also happen to be among your most reliable voting bloc?

If your answer changed between the first and second question, you may just be fit to join Britain’s Labour Party.


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Tennessee Lawsuit Wants To Stop All Marriages, but Especially Those Gay Ones

In Bradley County, Tennessee, a minister and a county commissioner are trying to Kim Davis their way out of giving marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


Strike that: they don’t want to give marriage licenses to anyone.

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FFRF Files New Lawsuit Against Indiana School District That Kept Nativity Scene in Holiday Concert

In September, I posted about Concord High School in Indiana, where the holiday concert included a full-blown Nativity Play:

Despite a court order to stop it, the District still included a modified Nativity Play this past December, and it’s the subject of a new lawsuit.

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Christians Protest Tennessee High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance Group, Comparing It to ISIS

You would think we’re done with the days when the mere existence of a Gay-Straight Alliance group at a public high school was controversial. But Tennessee still exists. So, you know…

At Franklin County High School, a group of bigots plan to rally against the GSA tonight at a meeting of the school board, as if their complaints are going to get the group to move off campus.

John Wimley is a Christian who organized a Facebook page against the GSA group, saying that a pro-ISIS club wasn’t too far behind:


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