Republican Cynthia Dunbar helped make the Texas State Board of Education a national laughingstock. Now she wants to go to Congress. Read more

You can’t teach science without focusing on its most important and unifying concept. Read more

Forget the cross. The symbols for Christianity should be a pot and a kettle. Read more

I had no idea the Second Amendment was in the Bible. It must be near the Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.” Read more

Vic Cunningham says he’s not racist at all. He’s just trying to adhere to “traditional family values.” Read more

Southern Baptists can sway elections, but they just can’t seem to remove a horrible man from his speaking slot at their convention. Read more

You should never use a tragedy to promote your own product. Unless, apparently, your product is Jesus. Read more

Once again, the Mormon Church can’t be trusted to handle an abusive leader. Read more

Jesus wanted to help the poor, feed the hungry, and welcome the persecuted. Rev. Grady Arnold doesn’t agree. Read more

Maybe this time, they’ll receive a more just punishment. Read more

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