After first-graders reacted with disgust upon learning of teacher Nathan Etter’s same-sex marriage, he taught them the importance of respect. The Illinois Family Institute thinks he went too far. Read more

Christianity isn’t going away. Faith-based bigotry, stemming from the Bible, is just becoming increasingly unpopular. Read more

This pastor credited God for his good fortune but not the pilot who led everyone to safety. Read more

This is a horrible sign for the Ark and the people of Williamstown, Kentucky. However, it’s great news for science advocates! Read more

Given his current advisers, a few witches might actually serve Donald Trump well. Read more

Reading the Bible with an open mind and a critical eye will work wonders. Read more

Jennifer LeClaire puts a lot of (let’s call it) thought into something that was likely just a joke. Read more

When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Read more

Banging their heads into walls would explain so much about the students at this Christian school… Read more

George Nathaniel cares more about getting kids to pray to his God than getting them to school on time. Read more

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