I’m off to DC in the morning for the Atheist Alliance International convention. Good times will be had. Pictures will be taken. Interviews will be transcribed. And if I have my way, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris will be signing my copies of I Sold My Soul on eBay. With some possible exceptions, I’ll be back in a few days. Be good while I’m gone. [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] Read more

There’s an article in The New York Times about Ben Stein’s movie Expelled. It mentions Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers and others who were duped into giving interviews to a group of Creationists who lied about their intentions for filming the interviews. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because PZ and others are glowing about this phrase by reporter Cornelia Dean: There is no credible scientific challenge to the theory of evolution as an explanation for the complexity… Read more

It’s one thing to not stand up during the daily Pledge of Allegiance recital in high school. It takes balls to do that in most places. But to get 50 of your classmates to do it with you… that’s just freaking phenomenal: “Boulder High has a highly diverse population, not all of whom believe in God, or one God,” said Emma Martens, a senior and president of the [Student Worker Club], which has about a dozen members. “We didn’t think… Read more

In a piece by Baylor University senior Justin Mueller, he argues that the school “should be more friendly to groups of disbelief.” Within the Atheist and Agnostic Society on campus (yes, there is one) nearly every member has told his or her “story” of their rejection of religious ideas, and the oft-ensuing parental sobbing and family strife that unsurprisingly follows. Some of these people have also been homosexuals, which can add another layer of duress with the conservative prejudices that… Read more

Tonight’s special moment from Survivor: China featuring Leslie Nease, the Christian radio talk show host: Imagine the tears flowing as she says the following line: It’s just hard because I don’t have a Bible… Umm… You’re a Christian radio talk show host. I’m guessing you know large parts of the Bible by heart. At the very least, you understand the gist of it. I like music. When I’m traveling sans iPod, I can still play the songs in my head…. Read more

Skepchick Rebecca Watson won the Public Radio Talent Quest competition! Wonderful news for a very talented woman. I shall refrain from making any Oreo references. On a side note, I’m honored to be a part of next year’s Skepdude calendar. More on that later. [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] Read more

(L-R: Sgt. Mike Aguilar, SPC Christopher Carr, SPC Jeremy Hall, SPC Tony Hernandez, and SPC Dustin Chalker) The one in the middle, Jeremy Hall, is joining the Military Religious Freedom Foundation in suing the Department of Defense (here’s a PDF of the lawsuit): The suit, in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kan., alleges that [Maj. Paul] Welborne threatened to file military charges against Hall and to block his reenlistment for trying to hold a meeting of atheists and non-Christians… Read more

A. J. Jacobs’ book comes out on October 9th, the same day as Stephen Colbert’s I Am America (And So Can You!)… That’s either tough competition or *really* entertaining reading for me the following weekend. Jacobs’ book is called The Year of Living Biblically. What is it about? Here’s Publishers Weekly: What would it require for a person to live all the commandments of the Bible for an entire year? That is the question that animates this hilarious, quixotic, thought-provoking… Read more

Well, this has to be slightly awkward… There are some times when I feel absolutely delighted to be an atheist hidden among thousands of Christians. This is not one of those times. The (anonymous) writer is a senior at Wheaton College outside Chicago — the alma mater of Billy Graham, Rob Bell, and our own Mike Clawson. The name of his her blog is Leaving Eden. I used to be a very committed Christian. I was in love with God… Read more

Here are video excerpts of Congressman Pete Stark’s speech at Harvard last week! [tags]atheist, atheism, Harvard, Humanist, Chaplaincy, Greg Epstein[/tags] Read more

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