After being invited to Parkview Christian Church to have a discussion about atheism and Christianity with the pastor, on stage, for all three weekend services, I wrote about a pamphlet used by the Church. It was called “Creationism for my Child’s Teacher” and it was riddled with mistakes. Pastor Tim Harlow even responded to the comments you all made. Pastor Tim (a man I respect and like for several reasons… not including his views against Evolution) stressed that he wrote… Read more

Sarah is an atheist on MySpace. She gets unwanted email all the time, but one deserved a response. She talks about it here. It makes you wonder if this guy was trolling MySpace for single girls or for atheists (which might even be creepier…). *** Shawn shares his views on why he did not choose to become an atheist. He only chose to examine his religious beliefs. [tags]MySpace, atheist, Christian, atheism[/tags] Read more

I had dinner with an acquaintance last night. This girl doesn’t know too much about my personal beliefs and my involvement with non-religious groups, but she does know I’m an atheist. She’s a Christian, though she defines that loosely and doesn’t believe in organized religion. Our conversation eventually came to what our respective beliefs are. This girl was telling me how she had met a guy who changed her life a few years earlier. They met by chance at a… Read more

Says this article. The statements attesting to the idea that Science actually helps Christianity were made after the premiere of the documentary “The Case for a Creator” (based on the book by Lee Strobel). The best line in the article: Over the last several decades, Christians have begun to emerge back into the intellectual public square. Right… In fact, MENSA meetings are now being held in church. Now, if the writer wanted to make her point, she would explain the… Read more

Blogger Cailin from California writes about an encounter she had with a door-to-door Evangelist. She represent atheists well by simply having a conversation and answering his questions honestly instead of being aggressive. And the Evangelist doesn’t seem to overstep his bounds, either– he respectfully stops pushing his views when he sees where she’s coming from. Nice work, Cailin! [tags]Cailin, atheist, evangelist, evangelism, Christian, Bible[/tags] Read more

In all the election results from last week, I didn’t hear much about the nine victories by members of the Indian-American community… until now. In Minnesota, Satveer Chaudhary sought re-election for his seat in the state Senate and won his third term to that post. Chaudhary is the first Asian-American elected to the Minnesota legislature, the youngest member of the state Senate, and presumably the only Hindu. He was running against Rae Hart Anderson, a Christian, teacher, and registered nurse…. Read more has published their first annual list of the “sexiest men living.” Salon’s writers are not looking for the movie star looks or the perfect set of abs. They would rather have: …a good lyric, a good laugh, a well-articulated theory on the existence of man … yowza, let’s just say not all turn-ons start with a spray-on tan. And who holds a spot on their list among the faces of Bruce Springsteen, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Jon Stewart? None… Read more

Matt Cherry wrote an article for Humanist Network News yesterday regarding the elections. He says that they were a sign of progress for Humanists on a number of fronts. And while some of the ballot initiative results were still disappointing, there’s a lot to be thankful for. Cherry elaborates in the article. He ends with some words of warning and encouragement: Yet while the religious right may have overreached in the past few years, it remains a potent force in… Read more

Because of a grant from a group called Atheists United, The Secular Student Alliance recently hired a part-time campus organizer in Southern California in order to get the word out about what we do and affiliate new groups in the process. Ryan Langley, the SoCal Campus Organizer, was featured in this article. He is described by the journalist as an “evangelical atheist.” I suppose it’s a cute term. Oxymoronic really. But when you read what the journalist wrote, it doesn’t… Read more

The word is spreading that Bernie Sanders, the “other” independent senator (from Vermont), is an atheist. Is it true? Yes, says this blog. He’s Jewish, says this (probably more credible) website. Wikipedia (the most credible of all…) also says he’s Jewish. Still, if the rumblings are true, Sanders may one day come out as the first openly atheist member of Congress… It hasn’t happened yet, though. [tags]Bernie Sanders, atheist, Christian, Congress, Jewish, Wikipedia, Vermont, Senate, senator[/tags] Read more

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