Heather Mallick is my favorite person tonight.  Mostly because she sounds so perfectly Canadian.  This is a “viewpoint” article from CBC news, entitled “Atheists Don’t Get It”: May I ask for a moment of silence? Consider the plight of the old-fashioned, bewildered atheist in these times where religion is the new black, so to speak. For I am an atheist and I am out of my depth. I watch the news about religion with a puzzled stare, unable to fathom… Read more

Joe Heller of the Green Bay Press-Gazette had a good one this week: [tags]Joe Heller, Green Bay Press-Gazette[/tags] Read more

A friend sent me an advance copy of Richard Dawkin’s new book, The God Delusion, a couple weeks ago. I finally finished reading it yesterday… Wow. It is good. Very good. I wish it was around my freshman year of high school– it would’ve provided a lot of confidence to me at a time when my doubts about religion were just forming. Having been an atheist for almost ten years now, I thought I already knew the main arguments in… Read more

Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Freedom From Religion Foundation had a Letter to the Editor published in The Capital Times (Madison, WI). Normally, that’s not a huge deal, but the letter is sure to get people riled up. Plus, it got Farked. Annie Laurie and her husband Dan Barker also have a nice podcast, which is worth a listen. Subscribe on iTunes using this link: http://ffrf.libsyn.com/rss. [tags]Annie Laurie Gaylor, Dan Barker, Freedom From Religion Foundation, The Capital Times, Fark[/tags] Read more

Over at Conversation at the Edge, 8th grader Ben had a wonderful homework assignment: Cut out short phrases and paste them under the categories of Science Is… or Science Is Not… Some of the phrases include: — Democratic — Limited to the natural world — Fair — Based on Faith — Disprovable Ben says: … the same person that insisted that God was able to be studied by science also insisted to the teacher that angels could be part of… Read more

Now this is just frightening. Watch the video, too. It’ll give you nightmares. How can the supporters say this is not complete indoctrination? It teaches kids to hate those who believe differently from you… especially if they’re gay or have an abortion. And they proudly use the term “warriors.” And while some parts of the evangelical community might oppose this extreme camp, will they say anything negative about it? Of course not. Fark’s comment board is always good for others’… Read more

This came in my mail from the American Evangelistic Association. It was addressed to “Dr. Hemant Mehta.” They flatter me so. GOOD NEWS… for Christians Only! Dear Christian Friend, Are your healthcare costs too high? Or maybe you can’t afford health coverage because you’re self-employed or in ministry? Perhaps you are worried that even a small medical problem will wipe you out? Let me tell you about the breakthrough solution that’s saving thousands of dollars a year for Christians all… Read more

People who don’t believe in a god always have a hard time labeling themselves. Atheist doesn’t cut it for everyone. There’s also Humanist and Freethinker and Secularist and Non-theist and on and on… (more…) Read more

Baylor University released the “American Piety in the 21st Century” study results. Among the findings are: — Only 4% of people believe that God favors one political party. (more…) Read more

The Secular Coalition for America recently released a scorecard rating our elected officials on a number of issues relevant to the non-believing community. Most of them are relating to judicial nominations for reasons explained on the webpage. (more…) Read more

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