Christopher Hitchens faced off against Edd Doerr in a debate on Interfaith Voices recently. Hitchens is the atheist author of God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. Doerr is the past president of the American Humanist Association. I haven’t heard the whole show yet, but here is the synopsis: Christopher Hitchens believes that religion is a poison because it asks humans to surrender the precious faculty of reason in favor of faith where the message of God is accepted… Read more

Dinesh D’Souza is right. His article today criticizing Peter Berkowitz’s take on “The New New Atheism” in today’s issue of The Wall Street Journal is on the money. First, some facts from Berkowitz: According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, in less than 12 months atheism’s newest champions have sold close to a million books. Some 500,000 hardcover copies are in print of Richard Dawkins’s “The God Delusion” (2006); 296,000 copies of Christopher Hitchens’s “God Is Not… Read more

Over a week ago, Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) spoke to a crowd of people in the city of Edina. He was speaking to the group Atheists for Human Rights. The crowd enjoyed his talk. It’s not that often you hear a member of the government say something like this: You’ll always find this Muslim standing up for your right to be atheists all you want. Here’s a clip of his talk: An article about the event appeared in the… Read more

According to Josh Combs, you would see cards like these: [tags]atheist, atheism. Magic: the Gathering, Christian[/tags] Read more

A sad story from over the weekend: 16-year-old Elizabeth Mohl was killed when she fell from a ride called “Air Glory.” According to WEAU news, that ride “begins by launching two to three people almost 100 feet in the air. Then the riders pull a rip cord, sending them into a freefall glide. For some reason after the cord was pulled, Mohl fell to the ground.” Ironically, this happened at Lifest, a Christian music festival. The Washington Post reports that… Read more

Herman Krieger is “a non-practicing Jew who has not been to synagogue since he was 12.” He is also the author of Churches Ad Hoc: A Divine Comedy. It’s a photo essay and you can see the contents online. As Kern Trembath of the University of Notre Dame writes in the foreword: The first time you read this book, you will know that it is one of those that you will return to again and again in the future. Is… Read more

Sam Harris gave a speech recently at the Aspen Ideas Festival. It was titled “Believing the Unbelievable: The Clash Between Faith and Reason in the Modern World.” Here’s the video: (Thanks to Maria for the link!) Read more

Relish, a weekly newspaper in Northwest North Carolina, has a book review of I Sold My Soul on eBay. The piece is written by Mick Scott. I wonder how I should take it… I mean, they criticize parts of the book! How dare a critic do such a thing… You can get anything over the Internet these days. Even a Christian Dog, I might add. His quest may not have been so successful had the high bidder not been Jim… Read more

I missed one this morning. Thanks to TXatheist for sending it along to me! It’s from today’s Houston Chronicle. Here’s the front page of the Religion section: And on the left side of the page, you see a blue book… Woo! (Funny coincidence that it’s next to the article on Faith in India.) It reads: I Sold My Soul on eBay: Viewing Faith Through an Atheist’s Eyes, by Hemant Mehta (WaterBrook Press, $14). Atheist books are everywhere this year, but… Read more

You want to know the difference between Craigslist and its competition Kijiji? Kijiji has ads like this one: Cute and Adorable English Bulldog Puppy. Very socialized with kids and other animal. She is vet check and all her shots are given up to date. We are willing to give her to a christain family only. Because if the dog went to a non-Christian family, it would be shot and eaten…? Roy submitted this link, adding: “Are they worried the dog… Read more

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