This came in my mail from the American Evangelistic Association. It was addressed to “Dr. Hemant Mehta.” They flatter me so. GOOD NEWS… for Christians Only! Dear Christian Friend, Are your healthcare costs too high? Or maybe you can’t afford health coverage because you’re self-employed or in ministry? Perhaps you are worried that even a small medical problem will wipe you out? Let me tell you about the breakthrough solution that’s saving thousands of dollars a year for Christians all… Read more

People who don’t believe in a god always have a hard time labeling themselves. Atheist doesn’t cut it for everyone. There’s also Humanist and Freethinker and Secularist and Non-theist and on and on… (more…) Read more

Baylor University released the “American Piety in the 21st Century” study results. Among the findings are: — Only 4% of people believe that God favors one political party. (more…) Read more

The Secular Coalition for America recently released a scorecard rating our elected officials on a number of issues relevant to the non-believing community. Most of them are relating to judicial nominations for reasons explained on the webpage. (more…) Read more

Ten years ago, an atheist woman sued the Boy Scouts of America because her first-grade son was *required* to attend a recruiting session for the scouts during lunch at a Portland public school. The woman claimed discrimination– the Boy Scouts require boys to profess belief in God, and that wasn’t how she was rasing her son. (And you can’t be gay, either, because apparently that makes you unqualified to tie knots.) (more…) Read more

A school in St. Louis was giving away Bibles… to 5th graders. Now, they have to stop. Liberty Counsel (from the Jerry Falwell camp) defends the school and says it’s unconsitutional to stop the giveaway program. (more…) Read more

Now, normally I’m against dead atheists. But Dane Cook’s version of what could happen to the atheist who tried to start a theological debate with him amused me greatly. (I know what you’re thinking: An atheist starting a theological debate? Never!) (more…) Read more

Philip Paulson is the Vietnam War veteran who sued to remove the Mt. Soledad National War Memorial Cross which is on public property on San Diego. This suit has been ongoing for nearly 20 years, and recently, President Bush signed legislation transferring the cross to the Department of Defense. (Good to know they’re not too busy with the War that they have time to get involved in something like this…) Paulson recently announced that he has been diagnosed with terminal… Read more

A couple nice articles to share with you: (more…) Read more

In New Orleans, on the anniversary for Hurriance Katrina, a prayer service was planned in the city. An atheist objected to this. At this point, you’re thinking “Big surprise. An atheist tried to ruin everyone else’s celebration.” But that wasn’t the case at all. The atheist in question, Harry Greenberger, wanted to be included in the ceremony. It’s not like atheists were spared by the disaster. Plus, he is a local leader, as he’s the president of the New Orleans… Read more

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