This is why: It’s Joel and Victoria Osteen! AHH! What happened at their church? Pre-order the book to find out…   [tags]Joel Osteen, Victoria Osteen[/tags] Read more

David Cross is an atheist comedian who might be best known for his work on the show Arrested Development. However, his stand-up routine includes several bits on religion. If you haven’t seen him yet, watch this clip. More postings coming soon![tags]David Cross, Arrested Development, religion, atheism, standup, comedy, atheist, Christianity[/tags] Read more

The Institute for Humanist Studies publishes an e-zine each week.  This past Saturday, the website, which provides links to entertaining and important news stories on a continual basis, linked to an article from the e-zine.  That article discussed a study showing that religion was linked to bad behavior.  Strangely enough, the article was first published last November. Still, the number of hits to the Humanist Network News website along with the article author’s website skyrocketed.  In the current IHS e-zine, a graph… Read more

***Update (8/23/06) The author of the article referred to below, Rebecca Phillips, sent me a link to a video of the Colbert mention.  See it here!*** Recently, I talked about Stephen Colbert mentioning Camp Quest (the atheist summer camp) on his show.  Well, last night on the Colbert Report, he mentioned another wonderful organization: the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers.  I couldn’t find a video link, so I copied down the transcript… The other day, I logged onto  (I always head… Read more

An 81-year-old woman who taught Sunday School for 54 years in Watertown, NY, was dismissed from her First Baptist Church position because… well, apparently they discovered she was a woman.  And as we all know, women should keep silent. At least, that’s what the church board said to her.  Their letter quoted 1 Timothy 2:12: “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.” The Reverend Timothy LaBouf is also on the… Read more

Only in Kansas… a man saw the Virgin Mary in his George Foreman Grill drip pan.  The story is here. Which raises some interesting questions: (more…) Read more

The Secular Student Alliance released it’s latest electronic newsletter, which has some wonderful articles.  Read it here! (more…) Read more recently put out a list called “Who’s Who Among the Godless,” talking about those atheists who are “leading the charge” on atheist issues.  There are some notables missing (Dawkins?), but perhaps this list is just limited to Americans.  In which case I think arguments could be made for some people who should be in this List of Ten but are not.  Still, they did a good job of getting a wide range of atheists. (more…) Read more

My favorite Christian TV personalities… (more…) Read more

That’s a book cover.  Which means… there is a book coming out!  (more…) Read more

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