The War on Secularism

Reason Magazine has an article in their upcoming issue called “Say You Love Santa: Pop culture’s war on secularists.” The premise: We’re need to market atheism a whole lot more than we currently do. Where are our versions of the cheap crap Christians sell?! In the article, we learn the following: Richard Dawkins hates Christmas: [Read More...]

All the Things Girls Never Knew About Sex

If you ever get a chance to give a reading in public, here’s the piece for you. It’s titled: “If sex feels so good, why do I feel so bad?” … close your eyes and think of a guy who is really hot – someone you would really like to go out with. Now imagine [Read More...]

Should the Baby be Born?

A reader sent this to me. I thought I should edit it down at first because of the length… but on second thought, I’m leaving it as is. The context provided throughout the email is as important to read as the questions the reader raised (I’ve put the questions in bold just to emphasize them): [Read More...]

Michael Behe on Point of Inquiry

If you haven’t heard the interview yet, go download and listen. Point of Inquiry host DJ Grothe speaks with Intelligent Design advocate Michael Behe. It’s one of the best episodes of the show to date. It’s also a wonderful example of both men disagreeing without being disagreeable. It’s only half an hour. You can spare [Read More...]

That New Movie That the Christians Don’t Like

I wouldn’t normally post email forwards… but this one deserves another look. (Despite the bad grammar.) It’s about that new movie that is generating controversy between atheists and Christians. You know, that one directed at children… Fred Claus. [tags]atheist, atheism, Golden Compass[/tags] [Read more...]