Science Gives Christians Upper Hand…

Says this article. The statements attesting to the idea that Science actually helps Christianity were made after the premiere of the documentary “The Case for a Creator” (based on the book by Lee Strobel). The best line in the article: Over the last several decades, Christians have begun to emerge back into the intellectual public [Read More...]

Atheist, Meet Evangelist

Blogger Cailin from California writes about an encounter she had with a door-to-door Evangelist. She represent atheists well by simply having a conversation and answering his questions honestly instead of being aggressive. And the Evangelist doesn’t seem to overstep his bounds, either– he respectfully stops pushing his views when he sees where she’s coming from. [Read More...]

Christian Concession E-mail

In all the election results from last week, I didn’t hear much about the nine victories by members of the Indian-American community… until now. In Minnesota, Satveer Chaudhary sought re-election for his seat in the state Senate and won his third term to that post. Chaudhary is the first Asian-American elected to the Minnesota legislature, [Read More...]

Salon’s Sexiest Men Living. has published their first annual list of the “sexiest men living.” Salon’s writers are not looking for the movie star looks or the perfect set of abs. They would rather have: …a good lyric, a good laugh, a well-articulated theory on the existence of man … yowza, let’s just say not all turn-ons start [Read More...]

Culture War at the Polls

Matt Cherry wrote an article for Humanist Network News yesterday regarding the elections. He says that they were a sign of progress for Humanists on a number of fronts. And while some of the ballot initiative results were still disappointing, there’s a lot to be thankful for. Cherry elaborates in the article. He ends with [Read More...]