Catholic School Students Ignore Rainbow Ban

I love high school students who are smarter than their administrators… and you see that often at Catholic schools. St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School in Toronto recently banned rainbows — rainbows — because they were “associated with Pride.” Mind you, if you wanted to ban things that reminded people of homosexuality, the whole goddamn Church [Read More…]

The Internet Is His Religion

Jim Gilliam gave one hell of an inspiring speech at the recent Personal Democracy Forum. He talks about growing up as a fundamentalist Christian, attending Liberty University, getting cancer, losing his faith, and then finding a new (much more powerful) religion. As I was prepping for the surgery, I wasn’t thinking about Jesus, or whether [Read More…]

The Black Atheists of Atlanta… and Homophobia

Did anyone else know there’s a public access show in Georgia called “Black Atheists of Atlanta”? Sounds freaking awesome, right? We always talk about the need for atheists to come out of the closet partly because it makes it easier for others to follow. That’s even more true for minority atheists. So I was excited [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Atheist Asked to Include Religion When Performing a Wedding Ceremony

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Richard, I am an open and outgoing atheist. Years ago, as a joke, I got an online ordainment just to be able to tell people I can perform weddings. — but now one of my friends is taking me up on that claim. She and [Read More…]

What Happens at a Christian Home-Schooling Convention?

When I heard that the Illinois Christian Home Educators‘ annual convention was coming to town, I knew I wanted a first-hand account of what happens there — partly because I’m not Christian, and partly because I teach at a public school. Would it fit my stereotypes or would it defy them? When I saw that [Read More…]