It Took a While, but She’s Finally Coming Out

This is a guest post by Lisa. [Personal information has been removed.] … I have been very, very slowly coming out of the atheist closet. It literally took me years to be honest with myself and even longer to actually say the words out loud to another person: “I don’t think I believe in God [Read More…]

Words You Don’t See in the Media: ‘A Self-Proclaimed Christian’

Vjack at Atheist Revolution points out the obvious double standard in how the news media talks about atheists versus religion people. For example, atheists tend to be described with adjectives… “self-proclaimed,” “self-identified,” “avowed,” etc. Can you imagine what would happen if some of these qualifiers were applied to Christians? Ms. Roberts, who claims she’s a [Read More…]

I’m Traveling This Spring…

For several weeks now — and for hopefully one more — I’m spending a lot of time after school coaching my Speech Team kids, getting them ready for the State tournament (they compete today to see who qualifies). After that, though, I’ll begin traveling/speaking at different campuses again. Here’s my schedule for the Spring. A [Read More…]

Let’s Hope God Never Becomes a Firefighter…

… because if he ever does become one, we’re all screwed: (via DarkMatter2525) [Read more…]

Court Says Company Was Right to Fire Anti-Gay Counselor

An federal appeals court in Georgia recently affirmed the lower court’s dismissal of the case of Marcia Walden, a counselor employed by contract with the Centers for Disease Control, saying she did not have a valid free exercise claim against the CDC. Back in 2007, Ms. Walden’s employer, C0mputer Sciences Corporation, (CSC) held a contract with [Read More…]