‘God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation’ Billboards Go Up in Colorado

The presidential election is just under 200 days away and the Freedom From Religion Foundation is starting a billboard campaign aimed at preventing the “folly of theocracy”: That “God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation” billboard is going up in Denver (twice) and Colorado Springs (once). In other words, not far from the headquarters of Focus [Read More…]

Should Humanists Support Pornography?

In the latest Humanist Network News, there’s a debate on that topic. Kaitlin Cottle and Gayle Tyree, both students at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, argue that Humanists shouldn’t support porn: These singular and physically dangerous expectations for female beauty and sexuality that are perpetuated by pornography suggest that the value of women lies [Read More…]

Another Inoffensive Atheist Billboard… This Time, With Kittens

There’s another completely-inoffensive-but-sure-to-infuriate-certain-Christians billboard going up! This one will be promoting Skepticon, the huge, free skeptic/atheist conference held in Springfield, Missouri (hi, Bible Belt!) each November. It’ll go up on Monday. You’ve been warned. How soon will it be before someone complains…? (via WWJTD) [Read more…]

University of Calgary Freethinkers’ Posters Get Online Attention

As that image made the rounds on r/atheism yesterday, I wanted to know the story behind it — When did the sign go up? What has the reaction been? HJ Hornbeck, the leader of the University of Calgary Freethinkers, was kind enough to fill me in. The idea sprang from a religious poster on campus [Read More…]

Finding Common Ground

[Read more…]