The Corpus Christi Butterfly

Reader Radek from Poland (supposedly, an overwhelmingly Roman Catholic country) tells this story: … Poles celebrate a holiday in June called Corpus Christi. It might not be as popular in the US, but here, traffic is banned in whole towns for hours because of the processions. These ‘parades’ can be very loud, take up police [Read More…]

Help Build Secular Centres Across Canada

The Centre For Inquiry in Canada has a nifty offer from a donor. If they can raise $300,000 by the end of September, the donor will chip in $200,000 — all going toward establishing physical buildings for freethinkers across the country. (They’ve raised nearly $100,000 so far. In Canadian money, no less!) Think of all [Read More…]

This is Why Dave Silverman Rocks

American Atheists‘ President Dave Silverman recently appeared (sans goatee) on Fox & Friends to discuss Texas Governor Rick Perry‘s upcoming Pray-a-thon. He handled himself beautifully: This clip should be mandatory viewing for classes on How to Handle the Media. It’s not just that Dave got off a lot of important points in a hurry, which [Read More…]

Stop Calling Ricky Gervais’ New Show An ‘Atheist Comedy’

Haven’t we learned anything from The God Delusion? Weren’t we all supposed to have our consciousness raised? Don’t we know that TV shows shouldn’t be given a religious (or non-religious) label before it’s ready to make that decision on its own?! We have to stop mentally abusing these TV shows… So get this right: Ricky [Read More…]

Obama Asked About Faith-Based Religious Discrimination

Earlier this morning, President Obama did a town hall meeting at the University of Maryland and when it came time for the Q&A session, guess who was first up? Amanda Knief, the Government Relations Manager for the Secular Coalition for America! How perfect is that?! She asked an important question, too. The segment starts at [Read More…]