Would You Pay for Something if You Didn’t Have To?

Here’s an interesting experiment. You’ve seen American newspaper vending machines: You put the money in, the glass door opens, you get your paper. Now, let’s go to a province in Austria: Here, you put the money in at the top. And you just grab your paper from the moisture-sealed bag below. There’s nothing forcing you [Read More...]

Inauguration Prayer #1: Bishop Gene Robinson

As I said earlier, I’ll be making a donation to the Secular Coalition for America for every use of the words “Jesus,” “Christ,” “Lord,” and “God.” I’ll hope you’ll join me in doing that. Today, we had the first prayer of the four, delivered by Rev. Gene Robinson. The text is below and the Religious [Read More...]

TastyBaby Treats

When I have my three-score children, I hope this company is still in business. For having the balls to go with that name, they deserve to be: Apparently, they make all sorts of yummy stuff. (Thanks to Jennifer for the link!) [Read more...]

Support the Canadian Atheist Bus Ads

It’s not too late for you to support the Canadian atheists so they can put ads on buses! So far they’ve raised nearly $12,000. But the more they get, the more ads they can buy, the bigger impact they can have. If you’d like to donate, you can do so here. If you give and [Read More...]

Saging the White House with Kate Clinton

Tomorrow (January 19th), comedienne and activist Kate Clinton, along with several others, will be engaging in a bit of superstition you may actually want to get behind. They will be “Saging the White House” — from a distance, anyway. In essence, they will be gathering by the fountain in Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. at [Read More...]