License Plate

So I’m driving downtown today, stuck in traffic. I look at the car in front of me. There’s a bumper sticker on it: No big deal, right? It doesn’t bother me. In any other case, I would just go back to singing in the car, hoping no one is looking at me. But then I [Read More...]

A Blog about Secular Parenting

Dale McGowan’s book Parenting Beyond Belief will be released in the next couple weeks! I’m very excited; it’s not very often you get to read essays specifically for atheist parents, written by the likes of Julia Sweeney, Penn Jillette, and Richard Dawkins, to name a few. You should be excited, too. The only way to [Read More...]

Barack Obama Gets a New Hobby

Why do I love my Facebook News Feed? Because it updates me when my friends get new hobbies: So many jokes in there… But I like Obama and just can’t bring myself to make them. The first end-of-quarter fundraising deadline for presidential candidates is this Saturday. [tags]Barack Obama, Facebook, basketball[/tags] [Read more...]

Letter From Pete Stark

Adam at Daylight Atheism sent a contribution to Congressman Pete Stark’s campaign after his announcement and received a letter from Stark’s office. Go check it out! One excerpt: Some say it took courage to acknowledge being a non-theist. Actually, real courage is exemplified when we work to bring peace around the world through honest diplomacy; [Read More...]

Let’s Take a Moment of Silence… I said TAKE IT!

Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune illuminates a pointless law that was recently approved by the Illinois Senate in today’s column. This legislation “requires public school students to start each day with a moment of silence.” Right now, teachers may choose this option if they want, but it’s not mandatory. (By the way, if you [Read More...]