God doesn’t deserve praise for abusing His followers. Read more

Focus on the Family no longer has to be transparent about its finances thanks to the IRS. Read more

Commenters on this video are not amused. Read more

Bill Donohue is in no position to condemn groups for how they respond to sexual misconduct. Read more

Does a Christian-owned restaurant belong in Manhattan? Isn’t it a form of bigotry to say it doesn’t? Read more

I spoke with American Atheists about a number of questions that have been raised since the firing of president David Silverman. Read more

Alabama State Sen. Bill Hightower said in a GOP gubernatorial debate that he has concerns with an amendment putting the Ten Commandments in all government buildings. Read more

As if the torture of this Muslim girl wasn’t enough, police officers allegedly accepted bribes to cover up the crime. Read more

Matt Bevin isn’t sorry he lied to everyone. He’s just sorry we didn’t understand his true intentions. Read more

Jessica Fisher was the eldest of 12 children and starred in The Willis Family on TLC. She’s now opening up about how her Christian father abused her and her siblings. Read more

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