Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull Vows to Legalize Marriage Equality By Christmas

Australia showed the world that secular love can beat religious hate. Read more

NC County Gives $72,500 Gift to Church To Paint Fresco of Jesus

There’s no secular purpose for a fresco of Jesus saying “Blessed are the poor.” Read more

Jim Bakker: “All Hell Is Going To Break Loose” If Democrats Win Power Again

In the Bizarro World of the Religious Right, everything in politics is just fabulous right now because Lord and Savior Donald Trump was elected* last year. Read more

Catholic Church Waits 25 Years to Reveal Pedophile Past of Arizona Professor

The Catholic Church chose to protect its reputation instead of potential victims. Read more

Watch “Young Sheldon” Challenge a Pastor’s Defense of God During a Sermon

The CBS show Young Sheldon featured its main character holding up the equivalent of a “Citation Needed” sign during a sermon. And the pastor made the mistake of engaging him in conversation. Read more

The Anti-Abortion Crowd’s Latest Supreme Court Case Could Backfire on Them

It wouldn’t be the first time a conservative victory could actually do more good for the other side. Read more

Bryan Fischer Says Roy Moore’s Accusers Haven’t Passed the “Two Witness” Rule

Bryan Fischer is relying on a “biblical” standard of proof that Roy Moore’s accusers could never meet. Read more

Christian Who Quickly Condemned Harvey Weinstein Doubts Roy Moore Allegations

When multiple women go public with stories of a Hollywood producer assaulting them, we rightfully take them seriously. Shouldn’t the same standard be applied to Roy Moore? Read more

Why Does This Military Official’s Business Card Have “John 3:16” on the Back?

If he thinks it’s okay to put a Bible verse on a business card, is he also proselytizing in other ways? Read more

Watch This Former Evangelical Go Bananas Over Christian Support of Roy Moore

It’s nice to see such honest criticism from someone who used to be part of the evangelical “tribe.” Read more

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