Well, now it all makes sense. Read more

The restaurant’s owner claimed the mother was being indecent by exposing her breast. Read more

A Christian group at the University of Iowa wants all the benefits of campus recognition while keeping the right to discriminate against pro-LGBTQ officers. If that’s what they want, they don’t deserve taxpayer-funded perks. Read more

Three residents were allegedly assaulted by other residents over a span of a couple of years. Read more

One FOX & Friends viewer blamed it on the Devil. Another said a moment of silence would (somehow) open the door to Islamic prayers. Read more

Kentucky said these classes were optional, and they’re on the verge of getting sued. A newly proposed bill in West Virginia is even worse. Read more

Just because your “religious beliefs” say the U.S. government is corrupt doesn’t mean you can get away with committing fraud. Read more

This would be funnier if it weren’t so sad. Read more

These two SC women helped rescue a boy who was hit by a car, and they’re giving God all the credit… but shouldn’t they also blame God for putting the child in harm’s way? Read more

The Canadian government says groups that get grants for creating summer jobs have to treat women with dignity. Some churches running Bible camps refuse to do that. Read more

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