This book offers rebuttals to some of the most famous arguments put forth by Christian apologists. Read more

Western civilization did not emerge from Judeo-Christian values. It emerged despite them. Read more

You don’t need religion to teach ethics and morality. Atheist parents understand that. Read more

Several religious groups are denouncing the Trump administration’s cruel policy of separating migrant children from their parents. Read more

This is the sort of bigotry that drives LGBTQ people to suicide. Yet these Christians think they’re helping people. Read more

Better to be faith-free and create your own family than go back to one where love comes with strings attached. Read more

We also talked about the Trump administration using the Bible to justify tearing children apart from their parents, the Trinity Western ruling in Canada, and Ireland’s blasphemy referendum. Read more

We’re lucky to have people like Rhonda guiding others on their journey to atheism. Read more

Repealing the Johnson Amendment wouldn’t just be a gift to the Religious Right. It’d be a gift to Donald Trump himself. Read more

I’m glad she’s using the Bible to fight for humanity and decency, but let’s not pretend the Bible can’t also be used to defend the opposite. Read more

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