Baptist Pastor: Women Shouldn’t Vote and Female Politicians Belong in a Kitchen

The New Zealand pastor added that Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern should go home and “bake a cake for her boyfriend.” Read more

Tim Allen, Who Grunted His Way to Fame, Doesn’t Know Why Apes Still Exist

Buzz Lightyear thinks he just disproved evolution. Read more

Alt-Right Expert Claims Movement Includes a “Lot of Agnostics and Atheists”

The author of a new book on the alt-right says the movement is made up of a lot of atheists, Agnostics, and people “indifferent to religion.” But there’s a world of difference between those groups. Read more

Richard Dawkins: Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim Policies Are “Inhumane”

Richard Dawkins may criticize Islam, but it doesn’t mean he agrees with Donald Trump’s “draconian, illiberal, horrible policies towards Muslims.” Read more

Christian Theocrat Roy Moore is a Step Closer to Winning a Senate Seat

Roy Moore is the Christian Right’s dream candidate, and he could be in the U.S. Senate this December. Read more

So Much for a Finely Tuned Universe

The “fine-tuning” argument for God’s existence is one of the weakest tools in an apologist’s arsenal. Read more

Lawsuit May Challenge Ontario’s Religious Exemptions for Doctor-Assisted Death

As it stands, taxpayer funded Catholic hospitals in Ontario don’t have to help patients who want to end life on their own terms. A lawsuit would challenge their religious exemption. Read more

Baptist Pastor: Gay Marriage Is Fine As Long As the Couple Is Shot at the Altar

The love of Christ + a hatred of LGBT people = This sermon. Read more

This Explains All the Cringeworthy Moments from Bill Nye Saves the World

You can love science, love Bill Nye, and still believe his Netflix series was a dud. Read more

Archbishop: I’d Go to Jail Before Reporting Child Abuse Told To Me in Confession

When someone’s life is in danger, the bond of secrecy ought to go out the window. Read more

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