Preacher Lance Wallnau Prayed for a Hurricane to Avoid Puerto Rico. He Failed.

Either God isn’t helping, or God really hates Lance Wallnau. Read more

Texas School Tells Students, Wrongly, That Standing for the Pledge Is “the Law”

No school can force students to stand for the Pledge. Read more

Wife of Imprisoned Blogger Implores Saudi Ambassador to Release Her Husband

“Mr. Ambassador,” she asked, “When will our three little children… get to see their father again?” Read more

UC Irvine Gets $200 Million Donation to Promote Fake “Medicine” Like Homeopathy

It’s embarrassing that university officials are going along with this unscientific approach to medicine. Read more

Proposed NM Science Standards Omit References to Evolution and Global Warming

By teaching nonsense in science class, state officials are only setting kids up for failure. Read more

Priest Faces Backlash After His Book Encourages Solidarity with LGBTQ Catholics

His book is in line with Catholic Church dogma, but that’s still not good enough for some religious critics. Read more

Man Dresses Like KKK Member to Prove Evolution is Racist

The man insisted he’s not racist. It’s Darwin who’s racist. Also: Planned Parenthood. Read more

Introducing Queer Disbelief, a Book About LGBTQ Rights and Atheism

This is an incredible book about an important topic from a wonderful writer. Read more

Safeguard Your “Aura” With Gwyneth Paltrow’s Psychic Vampire Repellent Spray

It only costs $30. And all of your brain cells. Read more

OK Gubernatorial Candidate: I’ll Ignore the Supreme Court and Abolish Abortion

Dan Fisher has a history of trying to punish women for taking control over their own bodies. Read more

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