Pastor’s Wife Likes To Shout Prayers Outside, Disturbing Neighbors; Says Cops’ Intervention Violates Her Rights

Christians say that Jesus came to bring peace – but some of his followers won’t stop disturbing it.

In Lisbon, North Dakota,

A pastor and his family’s faith is being tested by law enforcement who say his wife is praying too loud on city sidewalks. Martha Nagbe has already had two court dates and has paid a $150 in fines for “unnecessary noise,” KVLV-TV reports. Nagbe feels her rights are being denied, and she won’t stop praying in public.

Irate citizens of Lisbon charge that Nagbe likes to go out at all hours to walk down the street and and pray at the top of her lungs, often remaining in one spot for prolonged periods.

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Help This Humane Society Get a $20,000 Technology Grant or the Scientologists Will Win

A Tampa Bay company is giving away a technology makeover worth $20,000 to a local non-profit group… and right now, a Scientology-based private school is in danger of winning. But a local humane society is also running neck and neck with it and they could really use the funding…

Here’s all you have to do:

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Judge in Robbery Case Orders Retrial After Key Witness, a Muslim, Swore Oath on a Bible

Last August, Michael John Davies went to Victoria Kebab House near Liverpool, where he allegedly tried to rob the place with a hammer as his weapon. (He denies it.) There’s a trial underway to determine his guilt but they’re going to have to start over with a new jury due to a snafu that occurred after store manager Kerim Kurt, a witness, began giving testimony:

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Coffee Enemas and Mineral Supplements Couldn’t Save the Life of Cancer-Stricken “Wellness Warrior” Jess Ainscough

When, in 2008, Australian wellness writer Jessica (Jess) Ainscough was diagnosed with a rare disease called epithelioid sarcoma, it became clear that the cancer cells had grown throughout her left arm and shoulder.

Chemotherapy seemed to help, but within a year the cancer made a comeback, and Ainscough decided that, rather than undergo more chemo and possibly amputation, she would beat the odds with Gerson therapy: a “radical detoxification” regimen pioneered by a German doctor in the 1920s. For Ainscough, it entailed

… drinking 10 raw juices and undergoing five coffee enemas daily, as well as mineral supplements and sticking to a strict vegan diet.

Yes: Coffee enemas. That’s a thing. But don’t inject a venti frappuccino into your colon just yet, Wikipedia cautions:

Coffee enemas can cause numerous side effects, including infections, sepsis (including campylobacter sepsis), severe electrolyte imbalance, colitis, proctocolitis, salmonella, brain abscess, and heart failure. … Long-term use of coffee enemas can lead to malabsorption of fat, fat-soluble vitamins, and calcium. The use of coffee enemas has led to several deaths as a result of severe electrolyte imbalance, hyponatremia, dehydration, pleural and pericardial effusions.

None of that fazed Ainscough. She blogged with the firm conviction that she could find a shortcut to beating cancer.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Public Service Announcement for Anti-Vaxxer Parents

Jimmy Kimmel had this lovely rant against anti-vaxxers the other night, lambasting them for thinking they know more than actual doctors do. And then he aired a PSA featuring actual doctors…

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