This Christian Workbook Teaches Kids to Respect Others Using One of the Most Disturbing Stories in the Bible

The story of Elisha and the bears is one of the more disturbing ones in the Bible. It’s the one where kids make fun of Elisha, a bald-headed man… and then two bears come down and maul to death all 42 children.

Lovely, isn’t it?

Jonny Scaramanga, whose reporting on the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum has been eye-opening for me, explains that one of ACE’s workbooks designed for 11-year-olds features this story as a moral tale.

Because mean little kids deserve to die.

Scaramanga explains on his new Patheos blog:

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After Her Son Survived a Car Accident, She Gave Credit Where It Was Due

Writer Lynn Beisner‘s son got in a nasty car accident a few days ago. He’s thankfully okay — “not a scratch on him” — but Lynn did something unusual after her initial fears dissipated.

She wrote a thank you letter. To Honda.

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Torture is Okay, Because God Sanctioned Brutality in the Bible, Says Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association wants to make sure his listeners and readers know just how much God would approve of torture. His defense is worth noting, if only for the admissions it makes about the Bible — and how he makes them.

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Detroit Priest Scammed Six-Figure Sum From Charity for the Poor

A quasi-godly thief bites the dust:

A Metro Detroit Catholic priest was sentenced Monday to 12 months in jail — to be served over five years — for stealing money from a charity for the poor.

The Rev. Timothy Kane was convicted in October on embezzlement, conspiracy and other related charges for stealing about $131,000 from a charity fund through a scam using “straw” applicants to request $1,500 grants for the needy and then receiving kickbacks on some of the money paid out.

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Egyptian Officials Crack Down on “Satanic Café” Where Atheists Supposedly Gathered

On Sunday, Egyptian officials stormed the Passiles café in Cairo to crack down on what they perceived was a hub for atheists. Or Satanists. One of them (even though atheists don’t worship Satan). It didn’t seem to matter, actually…

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