ACLU Membership

I got my ACLU membership card yesterday. Very exciting. Maybe it’s just me. I always thought someone saying, “Bob is a card carrying member of the ACLU!” was an accusation, coming from our McCarthy-era past. It’s obviously nothing to be ashamed of–in fact, one should take pride in supporting such an organization. But the phrase [Read More…]

Feminism Takes a Step Back

A random posting. But it’s worth it, I promise. This American Life did an episode this past weekend on the theme of “Quiz Show.” The third act was hilarious. Robin Epstein discussed a game show she produced and wrote questions for on the Oxygen network. It was a show made to empower young women, to [Read More…]

Outreach Magazine and Exclusive Book Excerpt

Outreach Magazine (a Christian publication) did an an interview with me for their March/April issue. The writer, Heather Johnson, was a pleasure to talk with, and she did a great job of not taking me out of context and asking some great questions. Outreach also provides a “web exclusive” excerpt-of-the-month from I Sold My Soul [Read More…]

Bookslut Reading Series

Hey, Chicago people that are 21 and older! This Wednesday night (Feb. 21) at 7:30pm, TiVo American Idol and come to the second floor of Hopleaf Bar at 5148 N. Clark. The Bookslut Reading Series is bringing some great writers to town. You will be able to listen to and meet: Chris Mooney (The Republican [Read More…]

A Satirical End of Days

God is a vegetable in a wheelchair. Jesus is the fascist CEO of a corporate Church. A Cold War is ongoing between Heaven and Hell. This is the setup for protagonist Matthew Ford, a young man who “sets into motion that final prophecy that leads to the End of Days” in a novel by (ironically [Read More…]