Countdown to Harry Potter 7: 4 Days

Cracked present “6 Questions The Last Harry Potter Book Had Better F#@king Answer“: Occam’s razor suggests that the simplest explanation—Snape is evil— is likely the correct one. But for Snape to be truly evil, that means that Dumbledore would have been wrong about something. And until we see proof of that, we’re going to stick [Read More…]

Uri Geller’s Back

NBC announced today that Criss Angel (Mindfreak) and Uri Geller (just a freak) will be appearing in a new reality show this fall tentatively titled “Phenomenon.” The show is “a mysterious live competition series in which both men will conduct an intensive search for the next great mentalist.” I didn’t know there was a first [Read More…]

What Did You Just Call Me?

I want to believe Greg Gutfeld is joking… but this is FOXNews, so I could be wrong. Even if he is attempting humor, you wonder why no one else picked up on this… This was his monologue from Friday’s episode of Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld: Thank God it’s Friday! But how can you have “TGIF,” [Read More…]

Atheism and Humanism in a Pluralist Democracy

Christopher Hitchens faced off against Edd Doerr in a debate on Interfaith Voices recently. Hitchens is the atheist author of God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. Doerr is the past president of the American Humanist Association. I haven’t heard the whole show yet, but here is the synopsis: Christopher Hitchens believes that religion [Read More…]

Words I Thought I Would Never Say

Dinesh D’Souza is right. His article today criticizing Peter Berkowitz‘s take on “The New New Atheism” in today’s issue of The Wall Street Journal is on the money. First, some facts from Berkowitz: According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, in less than 12 months atheism’s newest champions have sold close to [Read More…]