Sam Harris and Jainism

The Sepia Mutiny, a blog for Indian people, made mention of Sam Harris’ endorsement (but not support) of Jainism as a more peaceful religion. They forget to mention he made the same “endorsement” in The End of Faith. But it is interesting to see Indians, often religious and certainly not the target audience for Harris’ [Read More…]

Andrew Marin

Last week I posted a link to a story about Andrew Marin, a man who was reaching out to the LGBT community as a gay-friendly pastor, but was also leading anti-gay activist training sessions at the same time. The original Chicago Reader story on him is here. The story of the conflicting interests is here. [Read More…]

Philip Paulson

Philip Paulson passed away yesterday. Liver cancer. It wasn’t unexpected– he had known there wasn’t much time left– but it is still upsetting. He had fought for many years to remove the Mount Soledad cross from public property in San Diego. This year, President Bush transferred ownership of the cross to the Department of Defense [Read More…]

The “New” Atheists vs. The “Old” Atheists

As I mentioned before, Wired magazine has an article on The New Atheists. It’s getting a lot of circulation and the article itself raises an interesting question: How are the “new” atheists different from the “old” atheists? I don’t mention Daniel Dennett very often since I haven’t read his book Breaking the Spell yet, but [Read More…]

More Randomness

I’ll be back to normal posts soon, but just wanted to clear a slight backlog: — Can someone please explain why contestants on “Deal or No Deal” actually think that case #[whatever] is the lucky one? Because they know it’s right? Because a voice is telling them to do it? Because they feel that it’s [Read More…]