CJOB’s GodTalk, Part 2

For those who would like to hear the interview from last night, going here is the best way to hear it. Otherwise, you can subscribe to GodTalk on iTunes and hear the podcast. [tags]GodTalk, CJOB, Winnepeg, Manitoba, eBay atheist, Jim Henderson, Christian, Hemant Mehta[/tags] [Read more…]


A couple interesting links: — A gay-friendly pastor, Andrew Marin, promised to build bridges between evangelicals and the LGBT community. Many groups put their trust in his message. Turns out that at the same time, he was leading training sessions for anti-gay groups and saying on Christian radio that homosexuality was a sin. There’s a [Read More…]

CJOB’s GodTalk

Tonight (Sunday night) at 8:30 CST, Jim Henderson and I will be guests on GodTalk, a Canadian radio show. If you’d like to call in to the live show and ask questions, the information to do so can be found here. You can also listen live by going here. If you can’t make it, I’ll [Read More…]

Willow Creek

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by some people associated with Willow Creek Community Church. (Willow Creek is the most influential mega-church in the country, according to The Church Report.) [Read more…]

Stephen Colbert and Richard Dawkins, Part 2

Here’s the video! [tags]Stephen Colbert, Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion[/tags] [Read more…]