David Cross

David Cross is an atheist comedian who might be best known for his work on the show Arrested Development. However, his stand-up routine includes several bits on religion. If you haven’t seen him yet, watch this clip. More postings coming soon![tags]David Cross, Arrested Development, religion, atheism, standup, comedy, atheist, Christianity[/tags] [Read more…]

Getting Farked

The Institute for Humanist Studies publishes an e-zine each week.  This past Saturday, the website Fark.com, which provides links to entertaining and important news stories on a continual basis, linked to an article from the e-zine.  That article discussed a study showing that religion was linked to bad behavior.  Strangely enough, the article was first published [Read More…]

Stephen Colbert and MAAF

***Update (8/23/06) The author of the beliefnet.com article referred to below, Rebecca Phillips, sent me a link to a video of the Colbert mention.  See it here!*** Recently, I talked about Stephen Colbert mentioning Camp Quest (the atheist summer camp) on his show.  Well, last night on the Colbert Report, he mentioned another wonderful organization: the Military Association of [Read More…]

Common Sense vs Literal Absurdity

An 81-year-old woman who taught Sunday School for 54 years in Watertown, NY, was dismissed from her First Baptist Church position because… well, apparently they discovered she was a woman.  And as we all know, women should keep silent. At least, that’s what the church board said to her.  Their letter quoted 1 Timothy 2:12: “I do [Read More…]

Virgin Mary

Only in Kansas… a man saw the Virgin Mary in his George Foreman Grill drip pan.  The story is here. Which raises some interesting questions: [Read more…]