Here’s How the “Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion” Works

Captain Disillusion has done us all a service by explaining how the hell the incredible “Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion” works:


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Mississippi Police Department With “In God We Trust” on Cars Includes Bible Verse in Press Release

A Mississippi police department put “In God We Trust” on all the vehicles but showed its hand by including a Bible verse in the announcement. Can anything be done about this?


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Even Glenn Beck Thought God’s Not Dead Was an Awful Movie

On his show yesterday, conservative Glenn Beck talked about how he and his daughter went to go see the film God’s Not Dead, the film all about an atheist college professor who pushes his non-belief on students, only to get outsmarted by a passionate Christian. Turns out Beck hated the movie, walking out halfway through.


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Ohio Judge, a Supposed Church/State Separation Advocate, Puts Godly Sign on Courtroom Wall

An Ohio judge who went out of his way to talk about how he supports church/state separation just put up a Christian sign in his courtroom.


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My Son Asked Me: Does the President Have to Be Religious?

After hearing multiple references to God during this week’s speeches at the Democratic National Convention, my son asked me if being religious was a requirement to be President. I want to tell him no… but even I know that’s not exactly true.


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