White Evangelicals Are the Only Group Whose Support of a Muslim Ban Has Gone Up Since Last May

White evangelical Christians are sticking their fingers in their ears as people explain why the Muslim ban makes for awful policy and clinging to their belief that America needs to be closed off to people who don’t believe as they do.


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Christian Hate-Pastor: “The Biggest Problem With India Today is Hinduism”

Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson thinks Hinduism is the biggest problem with India today (followed closely by Islam). But his sermon got really weird when he offered a solution to the nation’s poverty problem.


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In Video, Conservative Christian Slams Transgender Students: “They Don’t Need Tolerance”

With Donald Trump rescinding protections for transgender students, forcing them to pee in the wrong bathrooms in states where conservatives have power, it was only a matter of time before Christians came to his defense with even more bigotry.


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Ken Ham: Atheists Are Insecure, and That’s Why They’re Scared of Creationism in Public Schools

In a bizarre Facebook post yesterday, Creationist Ken Ham argued that atheists were indoctrinating children in the public schools by teaching them proper science.


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People Are So Desperate to Remove Donald Trump From Office That They’re Resorting To Witchcraft

When singer Lana Del Rey tweeted this odd message on Thursday, it looked like a cryptic promotion for a future album.

If only.

It turns out she was talking about how witchcraft would remove Donald Trump from office.


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