An Atheist Tells a Remarkable Story About Why He Doesn’t Pray to God

When asked whether atheists pray to God (just in case), Joe McCracken responded by telling one of the most incredible stories you’ll ever hear. It’s about the worst moment of his life, and how he knew praying to God wasn’t going to help him at all.


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A New Book Explores How Non-Religious Parents Are Filling the Faith Gap

For years now, Katherine Ozment has been exploring how the ever-growing segment of non-religious parents raise their children. They’re not all atheists, but they have to grapple with the Big Questions about life and death and belonging, all without supernatural faith. She wrote a magazine article about it a few years ago, and she has now written a full-length examination into the topic.

Her new book is called Grace Without God: The Search for Meaning, Purpose, and Belonging in a Secular Age (Harper Wave, 2016).


In the excerpt below, Ozment talks about how she realized the importance of teaching religious literacy to her oldest child, even when she wasn’t raising her in a particular faith.

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Humanists Will Get Another Chance to Fight SC School District’s Religious Graduation Ceremonies

A lengthy legal battle between the American Humanist Association and a South Carolina school district just got prolonged a little more… but it’s wonderful news for advocates for church/state separation.

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CNN Slams Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter for Being a State-Sponsored Ministry That Only Hires Christians

CNN’s Carol Costello recently visited Creationist Ken Ham‘s soon-to-open Noah’s Ark theme park in Kentucky. While she marvels at the “mind-blowing” size and scope of Ark Encounter, she makes very clear that she’s bothered by the fact that the $100 million project is partially funded by taxpayers, despite being a religious ministry. She’s also troubled by the Statement of Faith that employees are forced to sign.


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Donald Trump’s Meeting with Evangelical Christian Leaders Was Full of Facepalm Moments

During his closed-door meeting with evangelical leaders today, Donald Trump once again showed that he views religion as nothing more than a tool to get ahead. You may agree with that assessment, but you would think the Christian leaders he met with would want a candidate who takes their faith more seriously. Instead, they heard a typical Trump speech, full of false accusations, promises he can’t possibly fulfill, and a problematic reference to Scripture.


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