Two Tennessee Pastors Among Those Arrested For Trying to Hire an Underage Prostitute

Sex with an underage prostitute? Sign me up, pastors Jason Kennedy and Zubin Parakh allegedly said. They were caught in a sting operation by Tennessee detectives late last week.

Kennedy, a 46-year-old children’s pastor for Grace Baptist Church, and Parakh, a 32-year-old creative pastor at LifeHouse Church, were among 32 men and women arrested by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in an anti-trafficking operation, the agency said Friday.


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In India, Security Cameras Capture a Cow Attacking Men in the Middle of an “Honor Killing”

A security camera in India captured the stabbing — excuse me, honor killing — of a woman by her father and uncle… as well as the cow who decided to interrupt their disturbing actions.


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Screaming Christian in Target Store is Confronted by Customer, Then Escorted Out By Security

Another Target.

Another screaming Christian who thinks disturbing the peace is the best way to steer people toward God.

Another Follower of Jesus spreading lies about transgender people because reality doesn’t support his delusions.

But this time, there’s a customer who argues right back — and security officers escorting the man out of the store. It’s a joy to watch.


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Five Years Later, Harold Camping’s Followers Are Still Predicting the End of the World

Congratulations on still being alive! May 21 marked the 5th anniversary of when everyone but the “True Believers” was supposed to have died in a fiery “rolling earthquake” that marked the rapture and end of the world.


While Harold Camping later apologized for the error, some of his followers haven’t been nearly as eager to put down their calculators and complex Biblical algorithms. Their delusions continue to this day.

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Muslim Woman, Famous For Selfie Promoting Coexistence, Doesn’t Want To Coexist With Jews

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Zakia Belkhiri, 22, a Muslim woman in Belgium, has just discovered the truth of that saying.

A week ago, Belkhiri became a social-media sensation with a sassy, self-empowering selfie she took at an anti-Muslim demonstration in Antwerp, Belgium, defiantly duckfacing in front of the 40-or-so protesters.


For that no doubt beautiful message, she was celebrated as a badass, a hero, et cetera.

But now it turns out that Belkhiri isn’t entirely about living in peace and harmony. She would like to make an exception for Jews. Four years ago, on Twitter, she cheered their extermination.

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