Ben-Hur, the Faith-Based Epic That Cost $100 Million to (Re)Make, Flopped at the Box Office

Ben-Hur, the remake of the classic 1959 film about a merchant living in the time of Jesus, flopped over the weekend, raking in just $11 million (and an addition $10 million worldwide), a mere dent in its $100 million budget.


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Joy Reid to Guest Lying About Birtherism: “Even a Pastor Cannot Just Make Things Up On This Show”

Over the weekend, AM Joy host Joy Reid wouldn’t let Pastor Darrell Scott get away with the lie that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, began the birther conspiracy theory against President Obama. She held his feet to the fire and it made for great television.


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Atheists (and Jesus) Participated in a Wisconsin Gay Pride Parade

It is always nice to see an atheist presence at LGBT events and they were in full force at the OutReach Pride Parade in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday. Both the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics at UW-Madison had representation there. Chris Line (an FFRF legal intern) took some incredible pictures of the event:


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The 10 Most Extreme Religious Groups of All Time

When it comes to the most extreme religious groups of all time, what’s on your list? There are some obvious entries — hello, Westboro Baptist Church! — but even I hadn’t heard of the group with the slogan “Save the Planet, Kill Yourself.”


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Podcast Ep. 123: Rob McWilliams, Founder of South East Texas Atheists Helping the Homeless

Our latest podcast guest is Rob McWilliams, the founder of South East Texas Atheists Helping the Homeless.


We spoke with him about how his group is different from churches, how listeners can help his cause by buying products on Amazon, and the most amazing love story ever.

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