Christian Activist: Liberals Have Ruined Society Because People Think My Lady Friends and I Are Gay

Sorry, gay people. This Christian activist wants to go back to a time when you couldn’t visit your partner in the hospital because someone might accidentally inconvenience her mind for all of half a second.


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Wilmington City Council (DE) Will Adopt “Universal Prayer” At Meetings, Still Excluding Atheists

What is wrong with the elected officials in Wilmington, Delaware? Instead of going with a moment of silence at meetings, they’re coming up with different ways to appease their gods and invite a First Amendment lawsuit.


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Watch This Lawyer Fall Apart When Asked About Religious Discrimination Against Interracial Couples

Evangelical Christians love to say their faith gives them license to discriminate against LGBT people. But does that logic apply to interracial couples? Rep. Steve Cohen asked that question during a House Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday, only to have the respondent trip over herself repeatedly while attempting to answer it.


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Conservatives Are Wrongly Condemning an Atheist Teacher Who Feels Harassed by Christian Students

In Florida, one atheist teacher’s message on a private Facebook page somehow went public, and conservatives are now picking on her as if she’s the Antichrist.


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Christian Moms Are Mad at Taco Bell for Saying “Hell” in an Ad. (Wait Till They Hear About Church)

Leave it to a Christian group to complain about people using the word “Hell.”


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