Christians of America, Here Are Four More Reasons Not To Put “In God We Trust” On Our Currency

Atheist attorney Michael Newdow has long attempted to get “In God We Trust” removed from U.S. currency, trying to employ as his tools both the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

But there are other, less legalistic reasons to strike religious verbiage from the nation’s coins and bills, says Redditor ENTeePJ. What’s more, those reasons might even strike Christians as halfway convincing.


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Dutchman Who Built Giant Ark of Noah Will Soon Sail It To Brazil… Sans Animals and on a Barge

Johan Huibers is set to give Ken Ham a run for his money.

Four years after Dutch carpenter Johan Huibers completed his fully functional, full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark — a multi-year project that followed the biblical measurements found in Genesis — the vessel is slated to travel 5,000 miles along the Atlantic Ocean from the Netherlands to Brazil. The Ark of Noah Foundation, a group based in Pasadena, California, is raising money to fund the massive trip, which will unfold during the summer of 2016 — a voyage that will be live streamed for the world to see, as the ship sails to the cities of Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro.

No worries, the United States is next.


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Archdiocese of St. Louis Offers Horrible Reason for Not Covering Workers’ Unemployment Insurance

In his latest column, Tony Messenger of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes about an acquaintance who just lost his job teaching at a Catholic high school.


That person did what many in his position would do: He filed for unemployment benefits. But he was shocked to learn that the Church, given the option of participating in the government program, chose not to. Which means he’s out of luck.

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Pastor Is Aghast Over Transgender “Perverts”; Forgets He Himself Exposed Kids to an Actual Child Molester

Greg Locke, a pastor from Mount Juliet, Tennessee, is mad at Target after the corporate office decided that transgender customers may use whichever bathroom comports with their gender identity. So he stormed into the local Target store, asked for the manager, and gave her a piece of his mind.

We’ll never know whether the exchange he describes really took place; being the armchair hero that he apparently is, he made a video about it after the supposed fact, filming himself in the Target parking lot.

It’s a wonder the lens didn’t get all spittle-flecked during Locke’s two-minute diatribe, which you can admire here.


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Kentucky Board Officially Approves Tax Incentives Worth Up To $18,000,000 for Noah’s Ark Theme Park

After more than a year of litigation, the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority met yesterday to officially approve the tax incentives worth up to $18 million for Ken Ham‘s Noah’s Ark Theme Park (a.k.a. Ark Encounter).

You may recall the state of Kentucky said Answers in Genesis was ineligible to receive those tax incentive in December of 2014 because it was discriminating in hiring. However, earlier this year, a judge overruled that decision, declaring that the park’s status as a tourist attraction trumped the fact that it was a Christian park hiring Christian employees.


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