Congressman (Jokingly) Says Raising Interest Rates Would Violate God’s Plan

Last week, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen was on Capitol Hill to speak about banking regulation and pointed out that the interest rates may rise this December for the first time since 2006.

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) jokingly urged her against taking that action using the typical Congressional trump card: God.

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Ignorant Alabama Education Official Says Common Core Indoctrinates Kids with “Transgender Stuff”

Betty Peters sits on the Alabama State Board of Education… which is frightening since she believes modern education is some sort of liberal conspiracy.

Like the coloring books that expose kids to “transgender stuff”:

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The Latest Battle in the War on Christmas Includes Mall Displays Without Trees and Reindeer

There are 110 malls owned by the Simon Property Group, and 7 of them had a revamped background for kids who wanted to take a picture with Santa. Instead of Christmas trees and reindeer, there was a modern-artsy glacier, like this one at Roosevelt Field Mall in New York:

The correct reaction to this is: “Well, look at that. It’s different.” And then you keep shopping and move on with your life because who gives a shit.

For many people, though, the response was to boycott the mall. Because if a Christmas display doesn’t include trees and reindeer, then Baby Jesus will cry. Or something like that.

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Watch Matt Dillahunty Deconstruct the Entire Sermon on the Mount

In the latest video for his Atheist Debates project, Matt Dillahunty deconstructs the Sermon on the Mount:

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I Don’t Remember Hearing This Explanation of the New Testament in Church

So that’s how the New Testament was written…

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